Petting Wild Hearts Small Kemono can be a very difficult task. If you are also facing difficulties then do not worry, our guide will help.

In the vast world of Wild Hearts, players can encounter a diverse range of creatures to explore and discover. While most players are likely to be aware of the large Kemono monsters that require repeated hunting. There are also numerous smaller Kemono that can be found throughout the game. 

These smaller creatures can provide essential materials needed for progress. However, players need not always resort to slaying them to obtain these resources. In fact, sometimes players can interact with them in a more friendly manner by petting them. Petting Wild Hearts Small Kemono can be a fun and profitable way to engage with the game’s world and its inhabitants.


How to Pet Wild Hearts Small Kemono 

Wild Hearts Small Kemono creatures play an important role in the game’s material gathering system. Unlike their larger counterparts, small Kemono can be approached and interacted with in a non-violent manner. By petting these creatures, players can collect unique materials that are distinct from those acquired by slaying them.

Petting small Kemono is a simple process, but it requires a bit of patience and careful planning. Sneaking up on a small Kemono and pressing the Pet button prompt is the key to successfully petting them. However, players must be careful not to startle the creatures or make them feel threatened. If a small Kemono detects a player’s presence, they may flee or even attack, making it impossible to pet them until they have calmed down.

It’s worth noting that players may encounter the Pet prompt during the tutorial phase of the game. Any materials collected during this stage will carry over to the rest of the game. When petting small Kemono in Wild Hearts, players can only acquire one unique material per creature. After successfully petting a Kemono, players should look closely at the ground nearby, as a small green-glowing stone will appear, representing the material that has been obtained.

Benefits of Petting Small Kemono in Wild Hearts

While some Wild Hearts small Kemono cannot be petted due to their aggressive nature, there are many others that can be approached and petted for unique materials. As you explore the vast world of Wild Hearts, you’ll come across dozens of these creatures that can provide essential materials for crafting new weapons or armor pieces.


It’s crucial to make a point of petting each small Kemono you encounter as you hunt the zone they occupy, as you’ll likely need at least one of their dropped materials to craft new items. Additionally, petting the Kemono is a relaxing and enjoyable way to unwind during a hunt or at the beginning of a new adventure. The little beasts will appreciate the gesture, whether they give you something in return or not.

In addition to providing crafting materials, petting the small Kemono can also help you upgrade other areas of the town of Minato. For example, materials obtained from the Kemono can be used to improve the bathhouse or other unlockable areas. So, take the time to explore and appreciate the vast world of Wild Hearts, and don’t forget to show some love to the small Kemono along the way.

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