There are lots of things in the Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap and this article will give you all the information you are looking for.

The Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap is a schedule of updates and features that are planned for the game in the first few months of 2023. It includes new content such as events, raids, classes, and quality-of-life improvements. 

Lost Ark has shared its roadmap for the first few months of 2023, highlighting various updates and features that players can expect to see. These include a crossover event with characters from The Witcher, various quality-of-life improvements, a large-scale 48v48 player versus player battlefield, and the introduction of a new advanced class. Additionally, the game will see the arrival of a new open-world player versus player continent and several new raids in the early part of next year. Let’s see everything about the Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap in this article.

The Witcher
The Witcher

Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap

January and February

The first four months of 2023 have an exciting lineup of content planned for Lost Ark, including a crossover event with characters from The Witcher. In January, players will be able to access a new island via a vortex and complete quests featuring Ciri and Geralt to earn Witcher-themed cosmetics and other items. 

February will introduce the Rowen Continent, a new area where players can join one of two player versus player factions after completing a quest. As players progress through the ranks through open-world player versus player combat, they will eventually have access to the Tulubik Battlefield. 

March and April 

In March, players who enjoy player versus player combat in Lost Ark will have the opportunity to participate in the Tulubik Battlefield, a massive 48v48 battle with base capture and additional objectives. These matches will occur at predetermined times each week, and players can earn faction experience for their chosen faction by participating. 

April will bring even more new content to the game, including the addition of a new advanced class called the Artist. The Artist is a support class that utilizes a magical brush and ink to buff and heal allies, as well as summon holy creatures by painting them. This class will add a unique twist to gameplay and offer a new playstyle for players to experience.


Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap also includes the addition of new raids in April, starting with an extra difficult hard mode for the Brelshaza Legion Raid that will offer the chance to obtain Ancient quality gear. Another raid, the Hanumatan Guardian Raid, will also be available in April and will similarly offer the opportunity to obtain Ancient quality gear for accessory slots. These new raids will provide players with even more challenging content to test their skills and earn powerful gear.

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