If you are facing any problem in beating the Tower of Fantasy Minotaur then do not worry. The guide below will give you the best tips and tricks.

Tower of Fantasy offers players a lot of challenging enemies and bosses to face. Among them is the Minotaur, a boss that awaits players in the early stages of the game. This dungeon-ending boss is an excellent test of a player’s combat and dodging skills. This is sure to provide a thrilling experience.

While the Tower of Fantasy Minotaur may seem intimidating at first, players who prepare correctly and set their expectations right will have no trouble defeating it. As with many of the bosses, the primary reward for fighting the Minotaur is dungeon completion. Moreover, players will get the experience gained from defeating it. 

By facing off against the Tower of Fantasy Minotaur, players can get a glimpse of what stronger bosses will look like in the game. They can then hone their skills to face even greater challenges later in the game. For those looking beat Tower of Fantasy Minotaur, the guide below will help you.


Tower of Fantasy Minotaur Location

Locating the Minotaur in the Tower of Fantasy is a straightforward task. Players will get the location by heading to Ruin B-02. Although the boss may appear in a Void Rift, players can reliably encounter it in this dungeon. Located in the Banges region, which is a lush forest region to the Southwest of Asperia’s central continent, Ruin B-02 is easily accessible by exploring the beaches to the west of Banges dock. 

Once players navigate through the dungeon’s puzzles and fight through the enemies, they will encounter the Minotaur as the dungeon’s final boss. Knowing where to find the Minotaur is a crucial step in the player’s journey to test their mettle against this boss.

Minotaur Attacks

When taking on the Minotaur in Tower of Fantasy, players must be prepared for its powerful attacks. One of the essential requirements is to have a good Shatter weapon to break through the boss’ shield, which is present in both solo and multiplayer modes. Here are the different attacks that players should watch out for:

  • Shield Slam – The Minotaur will jump and slam the ground with its shield, dealing damage to players caught in the area. This attack can even happen in the middle of combos, making it difficult to predict.
  • Large Swipes – The Minotaur will swing its axe wildly, covering the area around it. This attack can hit players even behind the Minotaur, making it crucial to keep a safe distance.
  • Charged Axe – Players can notice when the Minotaur is about to perform a powerful charge attack by its golden appearance. Dashing backward is an effective way of triggering Phantasia, a time-slowing mechanism that allows players to dodge the attack easily.
  • Six Swipes – When the Minotaur’s health drops below a certain level, it will stop performing double swipes and instead perform a long combo. Parts of the combo deal area-of-effect damage and are best avoided by running as far away as possible.

How to beat Minotaur in Tower of Fantasy 

Preparing for a fight with the Minotaur in Tower of Fantasy requires careful planning and execution. To begin with, players must bring a weapon with a good Shatter rating to break through the boss’ shield that guards against offensive attacks. It’s also essential to have a dodging mindset, as the Minotaur wields an ax with a long range for offense. Players must be aware of certain swings that can even reach behind the Minotaur, as well as a special jumping shield attack that the boss employs in combat, which can severely damage players.

However, the Tower of Fantasy Minotaur usually indicates which move is coming next, making attacks easier to predict and dodge. While the boss’ attacks are slow and easy to read, players should still aim to maximize counter-attacks while keeping a safe distance from the ax’s range. When the Minotaur’s health drops below 25 percent, it switches to an aggressive six-swing combo that’s especially hard to dodge, so players must keep their distance to avoid taking damage.

Whether tackling this boss solo or with friends, overcoming the Minotaur and future dungeon bosses in Tower of Fantasy becomes more manageable by proving one’s capabilities.

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