Palworld Pure Quartz increases the powers of your weapons. Find the best locations and ways to farm this material.

Palworld is a breathtaking survival game. After breaking several records, Palworld has been one of the top-rated multiplayer adventure games over the past few weeks. In Palworld, players traverse across snowy plains, forests, terrains and caves along with cute little creatures called Pals. Palworld is also an open world crafting game and you have to defeat pals and break objects to collect the required materials.

Pure Quartz is an elite resource in Palworld. This crystal type material is used to make Circuit Boards. Pure Quartz spawns in snow biomes of Palworld. You can also get these crystals as drops from other Pals after taming them. With Pure Quartz, you can unlock higher level equipment and weapons. Here’s all about Palworld Pure Quartz locations.

Palworld Pure Quartz

Palworld Pure Quartz Guide

You can mine Pure Quartz from black rocks on snowy plains. Pure Quartz deposit rocks are located in Astral Mountains, Pristine Snow Field, Unthawable Lake and Ice Weasel Hill. You can travel to these snow biomes and build a base. After setting up a base, you can assign a fire-type Pal with better mining and transporting skills to mine Pure Quartz crystals from ore deposits, the black colored Pure Quartz rocks. You can use a Pickaxe or other axes to break rocks and collect the resources.

Where to Farm Pure Quartz in Palworld?

You can get Pure Quartz as drops from Pals as well. Jetragon, Astegon and Frostallion Noct are three pals that drop Pure Quartz as rewards after you take them. Use an equipment and defeat these Pals to collect Pure Quartz as drops.

Palworld Pure Quartz Uses

Pure Quartz rocks
Pure Quartz rocks

Circuit Board is a material that’s unlocked from the technology tier level 35 in Palworld. Circuit Board is used to create powerful and precision equipment. To craft a Circuit Board, you have to farm Pure Quartz and Polymers.

As of now, Pure Quartz is only used to make Circuit Board in the game. Surviving in the dungeons of Palworld requires weapons and tools at higher levels. You can craft Pure Quartz and unlock the Circuit Board to increase your chances of survival in the wild. Pure Quartz is not available at a trader shop and you can only deploy the available methods.

That’s everything you need to know about finding and using Palworld Pure Quartz. Just like Pure Quartz, the Refined Ingot will be an effective item as well.

Can you use Palworld Mods?

Using mods in video games has been the latest trend. Palworld is not an exception to the same. Recently, a Pokemon mod was discovered for Palworld. Also, there are other in-game mods you can use to increase your chances of winning in Palworld. You can use mods in Palworld and explore new content. But the developers of Palworld might terminate your account if it’s under violation.

Is it Wrong to Pick Up Palworld Dungeon from Map?

Finding dungeons in Palworld is an uphill task for players. The interactive map gets the job easier for your Pals as you can get to dungeons and other locations by finding them on the map. You can get to dungeons from travel points and camps.


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