Do you want to find the best ways to farm Honey in Palworld and increase your Pals’ stats? Scroll down and find everything.

Palworld is an intriguing open world crafting adventure. Your journey with Pals in dungeons and the wild sanctuary will be gripping. To survive against enemies, you have to recruit the best pals to your squad and unlock the top-tier weapons. As you explore the dungeons on maps, you have to fight against elite bosses and pals as well. Apart from weapons, you have to unlock resources and ingredients that can be used to increase Pal’s skills.

To increase Pals’ sanity levels, abilities and health, you can unlock consumables. Honey is a primary consumable item that’s mainly used to make cake. You can use honey to tame some Alpha Pals as well. In Palworld, players can collect honey in a couple of ways.  Here’s all about Palworld honey and ways to farm it.

 Palworld Honey
Beegarde Pal

Steps to Get Honey in Palworld

The main way to collect Honey is by capturing Pals in the wild. Honey is collected by capturing pals. You have to tame and defeat these Pals to collect honey as a drop,

  • Cinnamoth
  • Beegarde
  • Warsect
  • Elizabee

Where do you Find Honey in Palworld?

Honey is available in locations where the 4 pals spawn. Here’s where you can find honey in Palworld Map,

  • Warsect – You can counter Warsect Alpha Pal in the No 2 Wildlife Sanctuary. Warsect also wanders in the Sealed Realm of the Stalwart Dungeon 
  • Elizabee – You can catch Elizabee in the Mineshaft of the forest, Mount Flopie
  • Cinnamoth – Cinnamoth spawns in the middle of the map and you can catch it in Cinnamoth Forest
  • Beegarde – Finding beegarde is easy as it can be found in main locations like Mossanda Forest, Sealed Realm and Frostbound Mountains.

Where to Farm Honey Palworld?

Apart from beating Pals, you can farm honey from the Ranch Structure building that’s unlocked at Technology level 5. You can assign your Pals and craft the Ranch using resources including Wood, Stone and Fiber. After unlocking the Ranch, you can recruit Beegarde to the technology and utilize the Worker Bee skill of the grass-type Pal to collect honey.

Where to Buy Honey in Palworld?

Honey is a rare ingredient. Merchants in Palworld sells lots of consumable items, but chances for getting honey from traders is very low. You can explore the main areas of Palpagos Island, Duneshelter settlement, and Fishing Village. In these locations, you can inquire about honey from traders and spend some coins to get it.

Palworld Honey Uses 


In Palworld, Honey is an ingredient and it’s used to make cakes. Honey is a sweet recipe and can be used to breed pals as well. With honey and other ingredients, you can make delicious cakes and feed them to your pals and increase their sanity, nutrition and breeding.

That’s everything you need to know about farming and using Palworld Honey. You can find the easiest ways to obtain Refined Ingot as well.


Can you Play Palworld on PlayStation?

No, Palworld is only released for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Palworld is a crafting and survival thriller that is set in an open world. Palworld is not launched for PlayStation.

Can you Use Mods in Palworld?

Using mods in video games has been the latest trend. Palworld is not an exception to the same. Recently, a Pokemon mod was discovered for Palworld. Also, there are other in-game mods you can use to increase your chances of winning in Palworld. You can use mods in Palworld and explore new content. But the developers of Palworld might terminate your account if it’s under violation.

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