What are the legendary weapons in Guild Wars 2 and which ones are the best?

Are you looking for the best Guild Wars 2 legendary weapons? Your wait is over because here you will find everything about the legendary weapons.

Guild Wars 2 is set in the fantasy world of Tyria, and players assume the roles of heroes who must save the world from various threats. Guild Wars 2 features a dynamic, action-based combat system, as well as a variety of professions and customization options. 

In the game Guild Wars 2, weapons play an important role in the combat system. Each profession in the game has access to a unique set of weapons, which determines the skills and abilities available to the player. 

For example, a warrior may use a sword and shield, while a ranger may use a bow and arrow. In addition, weapons can provide stat bonuses and other benefits, which can help to enhance the player’s abilities and effectiveness in combat. As a result, choosing the right weapons for your character can be an important part of the gameplay experience in Guild Wars 2. Let’s take a look at the best Guild Wars 2 legendary weapons.


What are Legendary Weapons in Guild Wars 2?

In the game Guild Wars 2, legendary weapons are a type of high-quality, powerful weapons that are not easily obtained. These weapons are often associated with a specific character or storyline in the game and may have unique abilities or bonuses. 

Legendary weapons are considered to be some of the most desirable items in the game, and obtaining one can be a significant achievement for a player. Legendary weapons are often sought after by players for their power and prestige and can be a valuable addition to a character’s arsenal.

In Guild Wars 2, there are many different types of legendary weapons. Some of the best Guild Wars 2 legendary weapons are listed below.

Best Guild Wars 2 legendary weapons 

The Flameseeker Prophecies

It contains legendary weapons associated with Malyck, the Flameseeker. The sword Flameseeker Prophecies, the staff Eternal Flames, and the hammer Flameseeker Prophecies can all be used for attacks. When attacked, the book glows blue. With projectile skills, the book is thrown from the shield, leaving a blue/white trail and pages flying. In contrast to other projectile effects, Tides of Time retains the original animation as well as the shield projectile.

The Dreamer

The legendary greatsword of Trahearne, the Dreamer, can summon phantasms to attack enemies. When drawn, a rainbow-colored glitter erupts, and rainbow ribbons whirl around the player. Default projectiles are replaced by a large unicorn running along a purple path, replacing the purple glittering unicorn that appears and leaps away. The purple glittering unicorn leaps up and away from the player’s torso. Initially short and red/orange in colour, the unicorn’s mane eventually develops into a rainbow and turns into the projectile’s trail of colour. 

The Sentinel

A legendary spear associated with the character of Rytlock Brimstone, the Sentinel. This weapon has the ability to gain stacks of might when hitting enemies with certain skills.

The Shining Blade

A legendary sword associated with the character of Gwen Thackeray, the Shining Blade. Whenever the weapon is drawn, purple light is channeled and explodes, encasing the sword arm and the weapon itself in their respective auras. It also has the power to summon a clone to attack enemies.

Also, when the sword is unsheathed, the blade, the crossguard, and the handle are expanded, while the guard shrinks, allowing the wielder to grip the blade without being hurt. In combat, the sword is covered in purple and golden light. The sword clashes with each other as it is wielded and stowed. While stowed, the sword’s crossguard glows faintly, forming the emblem of the Shining Blade.

The Shining Blade
The Shining Blade

Overall, there are many different types of legendary weapons in Guild Wars 2, and each one is unique and offers its own abilities and bonuses. However, the ones we mentioned above are one fo the best Guild Wars 2 legendary weapons that you should definitely try out.

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