It does not matter if you are new or old to the Dual Universe, the Dual Universe guide below will give you the best tips and tricks.

Novaquark developed and published Dual Universe as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Players can build, explore, and interact with each other in a procedurally generated universe. Dual Universe allows players to customize their avatar characters and explore the universe via foot or a variety of vehicles.

There are a number of gameplay elements in the game, such as crafting, building, trading, and combat. There are also player-run organizations and cooperative and competitive activities available. The unique feature of Dual Universe is that it is an editable universe, so players can use in-game tools to create and modify their own world.

Players can build their own buildings, vehicles, and other items and share them with the community, creating a high degree of player creativity and expression. Here is the Dual Universe guide with some of the best tips and tricks to help you in the game.

Dual Universe Guide: Explore 

The Dual Universe is a vast, procedurally generated universe, and there is plenty to see and do. Take some time to explore and discover new locations, resources, and other players.

Dual Universe Guide: Weapon range and type

The ranges of various weapons vary, and some could be more appropriate in specific circumstances than others. For example, a shotgun could be more effective at close range whereas a rifle might be more successful at a distance.

Different weapons deliver various kinds of damage (physical, energy, or kinetic, for example), and some enemies can be more or less immune to particular kinds of damage. Choosing a weapon dealing with an enemy’s weakest damage might be useful.

The rate of fire and utility are important

A weapon’s effectiveness might vary depending on how quickly it fires. While a weapon with a lower rate of fire may be more effective in taking down a single, heavily armored enemy, a weapon with a higher rate of fire may be better at swiftly taking out many enemies. Some weapons could be useful or have benefits in addition to merely doing damage. For example, in some circumstances, a weapon that slows enemies down or obstructs their movement could be advantageous.

Dual Universe Guide: Workshop

With a workshop, players can craft and manufacture advanced components, vehicles, structures, and vehicles in Dual Universe. The workshop module can be placed on a flat surface and then additional modules can be added as necessary to make the desired size and shape. By following blueprints and using the necessary materials and tools, you can craft and manufacture items in your workshop once you’ve built them.

It is necessary to find or craft specialized equipment or resources in a workshop to make many items in the Dual Universe. A workshop can be used for crafting items, as well as repairing and maintaining existing structures and vehicles, storing materials and resources, and organizing materials and resources. In addition to serving as a valuable collaboration and teamwork resource, workshops are also an integral part of any player’s base or settlement.

Dual Universe Guide: Craft and building is the key

Crafting and building are important aspects of Dual Universe’s gameplay. Gather materials and use them to build a range of objects, buildings, and vehicles. Be open to trying out new designs and experimenting.


Join or create an organization

Organizations are player-run groups in Dual Universe that allow players to work together and achieve common goals. Getting to know like-minded players and coordinating activities can be a great way to join or create an organization. 

In Dual Universe, the organization mechanism is straightforward and flexible, since there are no extremely restrictive and arbitrary rules governing it, and it does not force the player to manage groups in a specific way. Players can therefore create a variety of organizational structures, from a loose pirate gang to a fully-fledged space empire. A player can join up to five organizations.

Dual Universe Guide: Important Resources

  • From simple tools and weapons to advanced electronics and motors, metals and alloys are necessary for the creation of a variety of products.
  • Exotic metals and rare crystals, for example, are hard to come by yet may be employed to create expensive goods with distinctive qualities.
  • Vehicle construction requires the use of engines and motors, as do numerous other sorts of machinery and buildings.

Organization membership

Almost every other MMO uses a similar guild membership system. When a player character joins an organization, they are given various rights and duties, and they are given access to specific benefits associated with that organization. A player may be able to access constructs, community resources, resurrection nodes, or territory by joining an organization.

Learn from other players

Dual Universe has a lot to teach, and other players could be tremendous resources for knowledge and direction. Never be embarrassed to seek assistance or guidance, and think about signing up for a community or forum to meet other gamers.

Learn Blueprints

In Dual Universe, every item has a blueprint that lists the materials and procedures needed to make it. It is a good idea to become familiar with the item’s blueprints so that you can acquire the essential materials and organize your creation process.

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