A Complete Smileton Dungeon Guide – FFXIV

We have brought you a complete FFXIV Smileton Dungeon Guide. This guide will help you to defeat the boss easily.

In Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, this dungeon is one of the few that can unlock the Expert Duty Roulette. Smileton continues the narrative of the Loporrits constructing a colony on the moon.

Smileton was to be a utopia for the people of Etheirys, a haven where every need is satisfied and its residents are comfortable and joyful for the rest of their lives. But what exactly is happiness? In search of a solution, the Loporrits built the Big Cheese, which was meant to make manifest everything they could need and more in order to meet the wants of their future passengers. 

They were eager to please, perhaps too eager, and their ideas became increasingly erratic, with each new concept a betrayal of the previous one. The Big Cheese is now burrowing toward the moon’s core, leaving a maze of contradiction in its wake. If left uncontrolled, its irrational quest for happiness might herald the end of the moon.

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FFXIV Smileton Dungeon Guide: How to unlock?

At Level 90, the Panic-stricken Loporrit in Old Sharlayan gives you the side quest “Cutting the Cheese,” which unlocks Smileton (x12, y11). It is located in Mare Lamentorum and is one of three capstone dungeons found in Endwalker. To participate, you must have a minimum item level of 540.

FFXIV Smileton Dungeon Guide: Face

FFXIV Smileton Dungeon Guide
Final Fantasy XIV (Image credit: Final Fantasy)

Smileton’s first boss, Face, is suitably titled. Several red or blue faces may be found on either side of the arena, which the boss will employ for various assaults. Face’s attacks and mechanics are listed below.

Lines of Fire

On one side of the arena, the Face will be tethered to the other faces. These will throw a thin line AoE over the arena, dividing the playable area into four halves. You’ll get a debuff depending on whatever portion you’re standing in. Standing in a section with a Red Face will cause Frowny Face, whereas standing in a segment with a Blue Face will cause Smiley Face.

You will incur massive damage, be thrown back, and be debuffed with Down for the Count if you are hit with the same debuff a second time. You will be killed instantly if you get a third stack of the debuff.

For the duration of the battle, you should switch between Frowny Face and Smiley Face. When the monster tethers to the side faces, make sure you’re positioned in the right portion, and keep an eye on your current debuff.

Off My Lawn

After a brief moment, Face will start charging a knockback from one side of the arena. The Face uses Temper, Temper at the same time when using this attack for the first time. Lines of Fire can also cause you to slip into one of the side face lanes when you are Off My Lawn. Don’t forget to push yourself into the correct lane.

Temper, Temper

Each player will have an AoE marking placed on them by the Face. During Off My Lawn, this attack happens, so spread out to prevent being driven into other players.

Temper’s Flare

All members of the party take damage. As needed, use AoE heals and shields.

Upside Down

The face will flip the debuffs inflicted by the side faces upside-down. During Lines of Fire, pay close attention after this assault to ensure you get the right debuff.

Heart On Fire IV

The Tank takes a lot of damage. Use defensive cooldowns as needed, and heal as needed.

FFXIV Smileton Dungeon Guide: Frameworker

FFXIV Smileton Dungeon Guide
Final Fantasy XIV (Image credit: Final Fantasy)

Frameworker is Smileton’s second boss. This fight is quite basic, but it will summon clones of itself across the arena, which you must avoid. Each of the Frameworker’s attacks is listed below.

Leap Forward

Frameworker will choose an arrow-pointed direction and jump thereafter a little pause, generating a big circular AoE where he lands. To evade this strike, keep an eye on the arrow and move behind the monster.

Print Workers

Frameworker will produce clones of itself by tethering to the arena’s untargetable robots. These clones will employ Leap Forward to replicate Frameworker’s assault. Keep an eye on the direction of the arrow, much like the boss did when he used it. The robots may travel about the arena after the second use of this assault, generating a clone of the boss in their new location. As you evade these assaults, keep an eye on their position.

Omnidimensional Onslaught

Around the arena, two sets of four cone-shaped AoEs are created. While the first set explodes, walk into the second set, then back into the safe zone you’ve constructed.

Steel Beam and Circular Saw

All members of the party take damage with the circular saw. In Steel Beam, the Tank takes a lot of damage from this. If necessary, heal and utilize defensive buffs.

FFXIV Smileton Dungeon Guide: The Big Cheese

Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy XIV (Image credit: Final Fantasy)

The Big Cheese is Smileton’s last boss. This boss will utilize a variety of explosives while forcing you to move around the arena. Each of The Big Cheese’s attacks and mechanics is listed here.

Explosives Distribution

On either side of the arena, the Big Cheese will drop two bombs. The arrows on these bombs will point to the bottom of the arena, suggesting that they will be moving in that direction soon. The number of arrows next to each bomb represents how far it will go. The bomb will do damage in a broad circular AoE when it moves.

The bomb will go a short distance before halting towards the top of the arena, as shown by one arrow. This will establish safe zones in the arena’s center and bottom.

The bomb will travel a great distance before stopping in the middle of the arena, as indicated by three arrows. On the top and bottom of the arena, this will establish safe zones.

Piercing and Levelling Missile

Each player receives an AoE marking from the leveling missile. To avoid overlapping these AoEs, spread away from other players. The Tank takes a lot of damage from Piercing. To reduce the damage from this attack, use protective cooldowns. 

Dispense Explosives

Mines the area around the arena. Entering the mine’s area of effect will knock you back and cause a lot of damage to everyone else in the region. During the distribution of explosives, they might sometimes obscure safe regions. During this attack, keep an eye on the mine locations to prevent taking too much damage.

Mines from Dispense Explosives are detonated by Explosive Power. If you are near the mines, move away from them.

Left/Right Disassembler

Deals damage to either the right or left side of the arena, depending on which direction it faces. When you’re facing a boss, this attack will work in the opposite direction from the boss’ left and right. You should move accordingly to avoid this attack.

Electric Arc

A stack marker is placed on a random participant. To spread out the damage of this strike, form a group at the impacted player’s position.

Violent Discharge

All members of the party take damage. To recover, use AoE heals.

These attacks will be repeated by the Big Cheese for the rest of the fight. You’ll be able to survive this battle if you watch Explosives Distribution’s positions.

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