How to Get Pearls in Black Desert Online

Want to know how to get Black Desert Online Pearls easily? Take a look at our guide below to know different ways.

Pearls represent the equivalent of microtransactions in Black Desert Online, which makes them a valuable resource, especially in the endgame. But how do players earn them? Read the article below to know how to get Black Desert Online Pearls easily.

Types of Black Desert Online Pearls 

Black Desert Online gameplay offers players a wide range of resources and currencies they can use to spice up their experience, much like other modern MMOs. These resources include Pearls and Black Pearls. The icon for Pearls depicts a white-ish pearl and is used as a premium currency. On the other hand, Black Pearls represent the opposite.

As a reward currency, you can earn it by unlocking Achievements, doing Quests, acquiring Knowledge, improving Amity, and completing Nodes. As well as buying and selling accessories, players can acquire Black Pearls by completing the Main Quest regardless of their Black Desert Class. Black Pearls can be used to purchase various items in the Pearl Shop in a similar way to Pearls.

Black Pearls are more generic than Pearls, which is why the shop’s selection of Black Pearl items is rather tame in comparison to Pearl’s more luxurious offerings.

How to Get Black Desert Online Pearls 

Pearl Shop

It is the Pearl Shop that provides the first and most convenient way for players to purchase Pearls. Acoins, another premium currency players can use to acquire Pearls in the game, are the only way to acquire Pearls from the Pearl Shop, since many of the items in the Pearl Shop are purchasable by Pearls.

While Acoins are similar to other in-game currencies, some are tied to more specific tasks, such as Black Desert PVP. Pearls are exchanged 1:1 for Acoins, but Acoins are purchased using real-world money.

Console Stores

Pearls can also be purchased through in-console stores, depending on the platform gamers are using. This works similarly to the in-game Pearl Shop, only this time from the platform store instead of the in-game store.

Central Market

Players can use a Central Market as a form of an auction house or marketplace in Black Desert Online, as they can in other MMOs. In addition to Pearl Shop Items, players can sell items acquired through Black Desert PVE. Despite the fact that pearls themselves aren’t available on the Central Market, items purchased from the Pearl Shop are often put for sale in exchange for Silver.

Since these items are premium, players who wish to obtain them from the Central Market will have to pay a lot more than they imagined. Currently, this is the only way to earn Pearls outside of a cash shop, and even then, this appears unconventional, since players who do this skip the Pearl acquisition process and immediately purchase their desired Pearl Shop time.


So this is how you can get and make use of Black Desert Online Pearls.

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