What are Elemental Wells in Destiny 2

Are you wondering what are elemental wells in Destiny 2? Do not worry, we have a guide for you that will help you understand everything.

Elemental Wells is a combat-style mod mechanism introduced in Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2. Players can equip armor modifications that change the advantages that these wells offer, ranging from improved intellect to weapon damage, similar to the Charged with Light concept. At the H.E.L.M., players may purchase these modifications from a variety of dealers.

Now is the best time to collect all of Year 4’s Elemental Well modifications in preparation for The Witch Queen expansion. Season of the Lost has given these modifications new life, allowing them to open specific ability-centric builds that work well with Charged with Light mods and subclass Aspects and Fragments. Below, we will tell you what are elemental wells in Destiny 2.

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What are Elemental Wells in Destiny 2

Elemental Well Mods specify conditional actions that may be used to build Elemental Wells. The element of each Well is decided by the Elemental Well Mod that was used to create it. They are little spheres that, when captured, provide ability energy. They are similar to Orbs of Power in that they linger on the ground for a long time before despawning. 

When a player spawns a well, the whole fire team sees it. Wells are instanced as well, which means that the Elemental Wells you see on your screen is genuinely yours. Allies receive their own Wells that are instanced.

The elemental wells will spawn on top of killed opponents in most activation scenarios, but they will spawn on the guardian in others that do not need a kill. Wells are created for the whole fire team, with each player receiving their own well instance. Collecting a well does not “steal” them from other guardians in this way. In the Crucible, Elemental Wells do not spawn.

What are Elemental Wells
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Wells are collected by running over them. Even if they don’t have any modifications, Guardians are allowed to acquire wells. Picking up a Well gives the ability with the lowest current percent energy a boost of 10%. Picking up a Well that corresponds to the player’s subclass gives the player energy for all of their skills. 

What are Elemental Wells in Destiny 2: How to obtain

The Wayfinder’s Compass, the War Table, and the Splicer Servitor all offer the ability to buy the Essential Well Mods.

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Wayfinder’s Compass

Elemental Mods for Season of the Lost may be purchased from the Wayfinder’s Compass, a merchant in the H.E.L.M.’s Awoken wing. To unlock the ability to purchase particular modifications, you’ll need to boost your level with the Compass, just like you did with the Splicer Servitor. Unlike the Servitor, the modifications for Season of the Lost change every week. Melee Wellmaker can be purchased at any time. The other two mod slots are accessible at level 5 and 15, respectively, and alternate weekly.

War Table 

The modifications for Season of the Chosen are available at the H.E.L.M.’s War Table. A weekly rotation of two modifications is sold each week. In total, there are six modifications. To acquire the modifications, you don’t have to satisfy any requirements. You can purchase them if they’re currently for sale.

Splicer Servitor

Seasons of the Splicer’s modifications may be bought from the Splicer Servitor in the H.E.L.M.’s west wing. The Servitor has locked these modifications behind a reputation rating. To unlock these mods, you’ll need to obtain Decrypted Data from Override chests and Seasonal Challenges. You don’t have to spend Decrypted Data to boost your reputation; all you have to do is earn data.

The following reputation ranks unlock the Servitor’s mods:

  • 1st Rank: Reaping Wellmaker
  • 2nd Rank: Well of Tenacity
  • 4th Rank: Explosive Wellmaker
  • 5th Rank: Well of Life
  • 7th Rank: Overload Wellmaker
  • 8th Rank: Well of Ions
  • 10th Rank: Shieldcrash Wellmaker
What are Elemental Wells
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What are Elemental Wells: Builds

Titan Build

  • Mods: Elemental Ordnance, Shieldcrash Wellmaker, and Explosive Wellmaker, Elemental Armaments, Font of Wisdom, 
  • Armor: Powerful melee smashes unleash a damaging explosion with the Severance Enclosure exotic chest piece. The radius and damage of an explosion are increased by finishing blows and final blows against more powerful targets.
  • Subclass: Middle Tree Sunbreaker – Code of the Devastator
  • Weapons: In the primary slot, you can choose any solar weapon, but in the secondary and heavy slots it’s best to use solar weapons with demolitionist, thresh, or chain reaction bonuses.

This build is simple and fun at the same time. It clears waves of ads and helps generate your super as much as possible. With its perk, “String of Curses,” it could be like Bad Juju, as killings provide super energy. As a perk, we have Thresh, which gives a little bit of super energy for killing combatants. 

You can use the Elemental Armaments mod to generate Wells if the energy weapon you have has Thresh and it matches your subclass. In combination with Font of Wisdom, you’ll also receive a massive boost to your intellect, and you’ll have a lot of superpowers. Upon collecting the throwing hammer, you will gain x3 damage buff and health regeneration, helping to clear mobs of combatants.

Warlock Build

  • Mods: Well of Ions, Seeking Wells, Elemental Armaments, Font of Might, and Well of Utility.
  • Armor: Use Arc Grenade to transform into Arc Soul when you hold Getaway Artist’s exotic arms piece. An autonomous turret is triggered by the Arc Soul.
  • Subclass: Middle Tree Stormcaller – Attunement of Control
  • Weapons: Any weapon that has the perks demolitionist or thresh for the heavy slot, such as the No Time to Explain exotic pulse rifle and Salvager’s Salvo.

We’re using the Middle tree Stormcaller’s Ionic Trace in our build, which allows us to make Ionic Traces by defeating foes. Ionic Traces provide energy to all of your powers. This also works well with the exotic Getaway Artist by increasing the number of times your Arc Grenade may be converted into a supercharged Arc Soul. No Time to Explain is an unusual weapon that adds an extra turret to assist you, clear adversaries. Salvager’s Salvo, a secondary weapon, accomplishes the same thing while also employing the demolitionist and chain reaction perk for grenade energy.

What are Elemental Wells
Destiny 2 (Image credit: YouTube)

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