There were lots of details shared in the Warframe Dev Stream. If you missed it then no need to worry because we have everything you need to know.

Are you ready for an action-packed adventure in the world of Warframe? The developers have just announced the upcoming release of Citrine’s Last Wish, set to launch next month! This highly-anticipated update promises to bring even more thrilling gameplay and intense battles to the already popular looter shooter MMO.

But that’s not all, the Warframe team has also revealed some exciting new features that will be making their way to the game in the near future. One of the most highly-requested features, cross-play, will finally be a reality, allowing players to join forces and take on challenges together no matter what platform they’re on. Continue reading below to learn more about the Warframe Dev Stream.

Warframe Dev Stream: Citrine’s Last Wish

The highly-anticipated Citrine’s Last Wish update is finally here and it’s set to take the game to new heights! This update brings a brand new Warframe for players to unlock, the 52nd in the game, and it’s sure to be a game-changer.

Players will embark on an exciting journey to Mars where they will take on challenging Mirror Defense Missions. These missions will test your skills as a player and reward you with the blueprints to craft the powerful new Warframe, Citrine. This frame is unlike anything you’ve seen before, with unique abilities and a sleek design, it’s sure to become a fan-favorite.

But that’s not all, Warframe’s dev team has also revealed that this update will come with a host of quality-of-life improvements. Players will be able to experience cross-play and cross-progression, which means you’ll be able to play with friends across different platforms and take your progress with you no matter where you play.

New Weapons and Cosmetics in Citrine’s Last Wish

In the upcoming Citrine Warframe in Warframe’s Citrine’s Last Wish update, players will have access to new weapons to master. The scythe named Corufell allows players to deal damage with charged blasts at range. The Steflos is a short-range weapon that increases its power with each enemy hit in succession. 

Along with new weapons, the update will also feature the first-ever Facial Visage Ink cosmetic kit. This will allow players to customize their Warframe’s appearance with tattoos. The update will also include new skins and other cosmetic items for players to acquire.

Dev Stream
Dev Stream

Warframe Dev Stream: Valentine’s Event in Warframe

Get ready to show your love in Warframe as the annual Valentine’s event, Star Days, returns to Fortuna. Players can participate in the event and earn a variety of new and returning rewards. These include new glyphs, emotes like the Left and Right Hand of Eros, and the Eros Wings Ephemera. 

The event will run until February 15th, giving players plenty of time to participate and collect all the available rewards. Don’t miss out on the chance to show your love and express yourself in Warframe during Star Days.

Warframe Dev Stream: Upcoming Quality-of-Life Improvements

Warframe’s development team is constantly working to improve the overall player experience. One of the most highly-anticipated features in the works is the ability for players to take their progress with them across different platforms. 

This feature, known as Cross Platform Save, has been in development for some time. Now it is nearing completion. The team has completed testing on key elements such as trading and account linking. They are now working to iron out any remaining technical issues before they can be rolled out in conjunction with cross-play.

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