Valorant Fade – Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Want to play as Fade but don’t know much about her? Do not worry, our Valorant Fade guide has covered everything that you should know.

Valorant has been very famous for its agents and their powers. The game keeps introducing new characters time by time, and players are always excited to learn about the agent. Similarly, there is an agent called Fade. Today, we will be telling you all the tips and tricks for this agent in our Valorant Fade guide. We have discussed everything about her abilities and how to use them in our guide. So, without wasting any time, read below about Valorant Fade.

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Valorant Fade Abilities

Prowler (C)

The Prowler ability will travel in a straight line when you shoot it. You can even control its direction by holding the fire button. The Prowler will lock the enemies or will chase them and blind and deafen them with blue smoke when it comes in contact. You will have two charges for the Prowler and each will cost you 300 credits.

Haunt (E)

The name is just perfect for what it does. You can throw the Haunt and after some time it will plummet to the ground. When it touches the surface, it will turn into a nightmarish entity that will reveal the enemy’s locations. However, enemies can destroy this.

Fade’s Haunt (YouTube)

Seize (Q)

When you throw the orb and it touches the ground, it will explode into an inky mess and if enemies are within its radius, then it will be very hard for them to escape. However, keep in mind that your opponents can still fire with their weapons and target you. So always use it carefully. This ability will require 200 credits.

Nightfall (X)

The Nightfall is Fade’s Ultimate that can send a powerful wave of energy even through walls that will deafen and decay your enemies. This will happen for 12 seconds and this ability will cost you 7 ultimate points. This ability will really help you as you will be able to track and kill them. They will not have much chance of defending themselves, so it is a great option for offensive gameplay.

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Use Haunt against Campers

Haunt is a powerful ability, although it is significantly more difficult to use than recon dart. Fade’s signature ability, haunt, is similar to Sova’s recon dart except that it will offer a wall hacking scan. It’s a little more difficult to employ because it’s a thrown projectile with a pretty restricted range that must land before growing an evil demon head that handles the scanning. It can be destroyed before it activates, but once it scans, it is almost instant for everyone in its line of sight.

You can also use it to peek over boxes or even throw it into some pretty strange places for some major location-collecting possibilities because it sits above ground. You’re scanned and marked if even a little part of the head sees you, which is a concern for players who camp a lot.

Fade'd abilities
Fade’s ability (YouTube)

Trail an enemy

For the duration of the debuff, marked players leave a trail from where they were when they were marked to where they are now. This indicates that escaping fade is very impossible when marked. If the haunt is active, you will also be revealed through the walls. It’s also worth remembering that if the haunt is active and you look in to try to smash the head, you’ll be tagged as soon as it notices you, so it’s typically best to just hide until it’s gone.

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Valorant Fade is best for a squad

Because Fade has a wide range of abilities, it will be extremely easy for you to target enemies and help the squad. When you use her skills at the right time and in the right situations, you will be unbeatable. Combine her abilities with other agents to make a deadly move. You will need some time to get used to her abilities and understand her more.

Valorant Fade gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

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