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Want to start Echoes of Mana? Read our Echoes of Mana Guide that will help you to get started with a bang.

You can enjoy this latest free-to-play RPG game as it has a fresh story awaiting you. Echoes of Mana revisits many of the franchise’s prior lands and characters that you love. There are lots of things in the game that you will need to know and our Echoes of Mana guide just covers all those things with some tips and tricks for you. So, without wasting any time, read the guide below so that you can start your journey to save the mana tree again.

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Echoes of Mana Guide: Quest mode

You can say that the quest mode is the main story mode where you go on a journey to find the mana sword. The story is divided up into chapters, each focusing on an echo—memories that replay past events and worlds. There are story parts, dialogue segments, quest fights, and clashes with monster waves and bosses in each chapter. You will find everything to in this mode that will make your gaming experience even better.

Spend your resources carefully

Echoes of Mana is a gacha game. Therefore, if you have played games like this before, you will know the basic mechanics. Assembling your ideal team requires time and skill. If you spend on each character you make, your resources will end very quickly. This will then result in you spending the majority of your time grinding to catch up. Therefore, we recommend you not to invest in all the characters at once.

Obtaining and strengthening a small number of characters at a time is a great choice. You can always explore to find the ideal character or skill for you, and then pick which upgrade and resource spending choices are best for you.

Echoes of Mana Guide: Harvesting 

Spirit crystals are used to acquire new characters. This is common in RPG-Gacha games. Use a four-star ally echo harvest ticket to ensure yourself a four-star character. You will get it if you’re lucky enough, as getting high star characters easily is not something that happens daily.

You get trade points every time you harvest. Obtain a four-star character of your choice by earning enough points. Some harvest banners are only available for a limited period. As a result, any highlighted four stars must be claimed during that time period.

Echoes of Mana gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)
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Echoes of Mana Guide: Elements

Elements play a very important role in Echoes of Mana. If you understand this part and know all the details about it, the chances of you losing will be very less. Every character is assigned to a certain element. The character of your skills is determined by elements. Fire, dark water, wind, earth, moon, and wood are the elements. Your element determines your battles with monsters from different elements. Therefore, you will have to keep in mind which element is weak to the other element. Here is what different elements can do against each other:

  • Light fights dark
  • Fire fights water
  • Dark fights light
  • Water fights fire
  • Wind fights earth
  • Earth fights wind
  • Moon fights wood
  • Wood fights moon
enemy fight
Enemy in Echoes of Mana (YouTube)

Do not forget to upgrade

You will need to upgrade your characters in order to complete the game further. Upgrading is a very important factor in RPG games. Upgrading your party will help you to win more battles and perform well against the enemies. You would not like it if you lose just because you didn’t upgrade the characters and gears.

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Skills and levels 

There are three primary upgrades you can make that directly affect your character’s skills and level limit.

  • Ascending an ally raises the level cap and gives you access to a new mana board.
  • Unleash an ally to improve skills and special abilities.
  • An ally’s rarity stars and level cap are increased when they are awakened.

Pair characters with similar talents

Similar-talent characters should be paired together. A particular technique and a support ability are available to each character. The support skill utilizes magic points, while the special technique drains the st gauge. Special techniques also fill the big spirit magic gauge, allowing you to launch an all-out attack.

If you pair the characters correctly with all the things in mind, then surely your chances of winning will be more. It’ll only be a matter of time before you have to gradually grasp each character’s abilities and how they react with others. Keep all these things in mind and then pair your characters that will form an unbeatable team.

That’s all we had to inform you through our guide. By following all these tips and tricks, you will surely have a smooth gaming experience and can win battles more effectively. Whether you are a new gacha gamer or a veteran, these tips will definitely help you.

Echoes of Mana gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

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