If you want to know how to farm the Valheim Hard Antlers then you are at the right place. This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

To progress in Valheim, players will need to obtain Hard Antlers, an important material required to craft the Pickaxe. Pickaxe is one of the most important basic tools in the game. This is because the Pickaxe is the only tool that players can use to mine ore, which is essential for crafting items such as better weapons or a forge. 

As an early-access game from Coffee Stain Studios, Valheim emphasizes exploration and survival, with crafting being a key component of player progression. Obtaining the Pickaxe is crucial for players as it provides access to materials that cannot be obtained. Therefore, farming the Valheim Hard Antlers is important.


How to farm Valheim Hard Antlers

Valheim Hard Antlers are a vital resource for early game progression, as they are required for crafting the Pickaxe. However, players need not worry about missing out on them, as they only drop from one source. Hugin, the black raven, advises players to defeat Eikthyr as their first step in the game, but not before they arm themselves. Currently, Eikthyr is the only source of Hard Antlers, and defeating him guarantees players three of them.

To take down Eikthyr, players must prepare themselves first. Once ready, they should head back to the Meadows, which is where they first spawned in the game. The area is surrounded by runestones that provide valuable messages to players. One of these stones will glow, and interacting with it will lead players to the Eikthyr summoning point.

Valheim Hard Antlers for Pickaxe

Defeating Eikthyr is a critical milestone for players, as it unlocks access to Valheim Hard Antlers. It is the key component for crafting the essential Pickaxe tool. Once the player obtains the three Hard Antlers from Eikthyr’s loot drop, they can craft up to three pickaxes with 1x Hard Antler and 10x Wood each.


Since the pickaxe is the only tool capable of mining ore, it is vital for player progression, and having multiple pickaxes at the ready is crucial. Fortunately, Eikthyr can be resummoned repeatedly with two Deer Trophies at his altar. This makes it easy to obtain additional Hard Antlers.

While players can upgrade their pickaxe later in the game, the initial pickaxe is necessary to obtain the ore required for the upgrades. The next upgrade requires 10x Bronze, so players may want to consider farming enough Deer Trophies before leaving the Meadows to summon Eikthyr multiple times and obtain additional Hard Antlers.

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