With the help of the Diablo Immortal marketplace guide, you will learn how to trade, sell, and buy items easily to earn profit.

Looking for a reliable platform to trade your rare gems, legendary gems, runes, skillstones, and other precious materials? Look no further than the Diablo Immortal Marketplace, the game’s exclusive trading system. It allows players to buy and sell valuable items using platinum as the primary currency.

With this feature, players can easily purchase hard-to-find items or sell their own wares to other players at competitive prices. Plus, the Marketplace’s recommended pricing system ensures that you get a fair deal based on recent market activity. The Diablo Immortal Marketplace is the go-to destination for all your trading needs. Want to learn more about how to get started? Check out our guide below.


How to unlock Diablo Immortal Marketplace

The Diablo Immortal Marketplace is the ultimate destination for players looking to buy, sell, or trade their valuable items. Located in the City of Westmarch, specifically in Rakkis Plaza at Wynton’s Grand Market, the Marketplace is the only place where players can access the game’s exclusive trading system.

To unlock this feature, players must first reach Level 25 and speak with Dya. She is the lady in charge of the Market. Additionally, players need to acquire Platinum, the Marketplace’s primary currency. Platinum can be obtained by purchasing it through the in-game cash shop or by earning it through daily gameplay awards or the exchange of Eternal Orbs.

How to trade items in the Diablo Immortal marketplace

The Diablo Immortal Marketplace offers players the chance to buy and sell valuable secondary items like Normal Gems and Legendary Gems. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that not all items can be traded in the Marketplace. Armor, weapons, and jewelry cannot be sold through this exclusive trading system.

When you sell an item on the Marketplace, it will be listed for 48 hours, and you will receive a recommended amount of Platinum based on recent market activity. It’s worth noting that you cannot sell an item below or above the recommended price.

It’s also important to remember that certain items, such as Gems acquired through quests or codexes, cannot be sold. Additionally, you cannot sell a Gem in the Marketplace that you have already used in any of your equipment.

When it comes to buying items from the Marketplace, it’s essential to be careful. The quality, rank, and functionality of legendary gems and skill stones can vary significantly for each character. Be sure to do your research and make informed decisions before making any purchases.

How to Buy in the Marketplace

To access the marketplace, you must first head to Rakkis Plaza, located in Westmarch. There, you can interact with the NPC Dya to purchase items.

It’s important to note that Normal gems and Runes are interchangeable items. This means that they can be used across various gear and equipment. However, legendary gems and skill stones have varying qualities, ranks, and functionalities. As a result, it’s crucial to exercise caution when purchasing these items, as they can greatly impact your character’s performance and progression in the game.


How to Sell in the Marketplace

You’ll likely find yourself with a lot of items that you don’t need. Luckily, selling items is a easy task. To begin, simply create a list of the items you want to sell and set your desired price in Platinum. It’s important to note that a 15% fee will be charged on the sale price of each item. Initially, you can only list up to 4 items for sale at a time.

If an item doesn’t sell within 48 hours, it will be returned to you, but unfortunately, you’ll lose the display fee you paid to list it. To avoid this, it’s recommended to sell any legendary gems that are unnecessary or not in use. However, be cautious when selling top-tier legendary gems that are required for character upgrades.

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