If you want to know how to get the Fallout 76 infinite rank then you are at the right place. This guide has the best tips for you. 

In Fallout 76, players have the opportunity to rank up their characters beyond the traditional level cap of 50. While there is technically no level cap in the game, players will hit a ceiling when they max out their S.P.E.C.I.A.L points, which can only be assigned to attributes up to a maximum of 15 points at a time. However, even after this point, players can continue to earn experience and unlock powerful perk cards that provide new and exciting gameplay possibilities.

With hundreds of different perk cards available in Fallout 76, players can experiment with different combinations and play styles to suit their preferences. These cards increase in level exponentially, making it challenging to reach the higher tiers of many of the more desirable perks. However, with dedication and persistence, it’s possible to reach gold level and beyond for many of these cards. If you want to know how to get the Fallout 76 infinite rank then this guide is for you.


How to get the Fallout 76 infinite rank 

The quickest and most common method for players to achieve Fallout 76 Infinite Rank is by participating in massive battles against formidable enemies. Moreover, players can use powerful upgraded weapons to expedite the encounters. These skirmishes frequently overlap with the player’s daily missions. This provides a substantial boost in XP compared to regular challenges, without the tedious grind.

Taking on these missions with friends can also boost the amount of Intelligence Points players earn during their in-game activities. Intelligence Points are a valuable resource that enables continuous XP growth. It can be further enhanced by participating in public events scattered throughout the game’s vast open world. This offers substantial bonuses for completion. By using these strategies, players can efficiently climb the ranks and get the Fallout 76 Infinite Rank.

Farm Intelligence Points and XP 

In Fallout 76, players can take advantage of a hidden strategy that involves combining certain perks to earn 11.25 Intelligence Points for an hour when consuming a Brain Bomb. By equipping the Curator perk, the Live, Laugh, and Love #3 perk magazine, the Strange in Numbers perk, and the Herbivore mutation, players can create the ideal player stat relationship to activate this power-up for a limited time. This results in a steady increase in XP and higher ranks.

Intelligence is highly valued by players and its updates due to the 2% XP boost granted per attribute. As a result, focusing on Intelligence has become the most crucial aspect of Fallout 76 infinite rank. This makes this hidden strategy more valuable for players seeking to advance quickly.


Tips for increasing Intelligence

Players have several options for increasing their Intelligence. One such option is wearing the Unyielding Intelligence Armor set. This can provide up to 20 extra XP when all pieces are equipped and combined with other stat-boosting items like the Shield Casual Lining under armor. Players can also use the Berry Mentats Injection in combination with the Chem Fiend perk to gain 5 Intelligence for eight minutes.

Another option is to take advantage of mutations. The Egg Head mutation can grant players 7.5 Intelligence. The Herd Mentality mutation can provide an additional 2.5 Intelligence when used in conjunction with the Strange in Numbers perk. Additionally, maximizing the Night-Person perk can give players an extra 3 points to the Intelligence attribute.

Finally, players can read specific magazines, such as the Zeta Invaders or Atomic Command magazines. This will give them an Intelligence point for one hour. All of these options can help players increase their Intelligence and earn more XP in Fallout 76.

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