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Set in a dynamically generated Norse mythology-inspired landscape, Valheim is a cruel exploration and survival game for 1-10 players, set in a dynamically generated Norse mythology-inspired landscape. To prove yourself to Odin, craft great weapons, build longhouses, and defeat huge adversaries! Investigate a mysterious realm. Discover diverse landscapes, each with its own set of foes to defeat, resources to collect, and mysteries to unearth! Be a Viking and explore the vast seas in quest of undiscovered territories while fighting vicious creatures.

Raising Viking longhouses and constructing bases to provide protection from the dangers ahead. With a sophisticated building system, you can customize structures both inside and out. As you progress through the construction stages, you will be able to improve, expand, and protect your base. We’ve put up a Valheim guide to help you survive the game.

Valheim Guide: Wind Direction

The current wind direction is shown by a little arrow in the lower-left corner of your minimap. There will also be some white streaks in the game environment to symbolize the wind. Animals, particularly deer, are very sensitive to scent. A deer will flee long before it sees you if you’re upwind. Being mindful of the wind is essential for remaining stealthy while hunting (and your stank).

Valheim Guide: Cutting trees quickly

Valheim has devised a sophisticated way of obtaining wood even faster. As a result of the collapsing trees, other trees will collapse like dominoes. Surviving groups can cut down three or four trees at the same time if they cut them at the appropriate angle. When a player cuts down a tree, the tree falls in the same direction he is facing. 

The cut can be lined up in a matter of seconds, which may save a significant amount of time when farming. Logs can be chopped together after the trees have been cut down, depending on how close they are to one another.

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Valheim Guide: Use Bow for certain enemies

Use Bow
Valheim (Image credit: Steam)

Deathsquitos are the Plains biome’s most vexing adversaries. They have little HP yet are tough to strike with a melee weapon and appear to be hard to kill with an arrow. A great tip for dispatching these monsters is to wait till they charge and then shoot them with the bow. When a Deathsquito begins to close the gap, it is time to strike. At the character’s eye level, they will move in a fully straight line. Dealing with these pests will be simple if people understand the timing.

Eating healthy and saving coins

food farm
Valheim (Image credit: Steam)

The higher the grade of food consumed by the players’ characters, the better the bonuses they will gain. Cooked proteins can accomplish considerably more than mushrooms and berries. Regaining health and receiving other benefits is well worth the effort, so train to become a skilled Viking cook.

Players must take care not to waste their coins when they receive them. It may take some effort to locate the Trader in the Black Forest, but it is well worth the effort. Personally, we recommend getting a fishing rod early on because seafood is a great method to satisfy the characters’ tummies.

Valheim Guide: Boss Summoning

Summoning bosses is a simple process that generally requires the placement of two linked trophies at a certain altar. Once the boss is called, it’s a fight to the death. Each enemy has a unique summoning mechanism, and there are even secret bosses in the game that are difficult to uncover. Remember those cumbersome dragon eggs that no one wanted to take back to base? Survivors will require them in order to summon Moder.

Valheim Guide: Kill the ocean beast

Valheim Guide
Valheim (Image credit: Steam)

While on the open seas, defeating the Serpent may appear to be a hefty task. The beast has 400 health and deals 70 damage each attack. It will take a lot of arrows early on in the game to kill the beast in the ocean. Instead of battling it while aboard a ship, gamers may catch it and tow it to land with the harpoon. The huge Serpent will try to crawl back into the ocean, but it will be easy to kill if brought far enough inland. It is also much easier to loot the beast on land.

Valheim Guide: Wolf Armor is very beneficial

Exploring the freezing mountains of Valheim, like Breath of the Wild, may physically freeze players to death. Fortunately, there is a simple approach to avoid this that players should consider early on. Players just need to make Wolf Armor.

Ironically, collecting the wolf skins and other resources requires players to travel to the mountains, where they will also endure the cold. There are workarounds, but doing so as soon as possible makes things easier for subsequent investigation. It is worthwhile to make this a high priority.

Storage is necessary for every survival game

Valheim Guide
Valheim (Image credit: Steam)

In every survival game, efficiency is crucial, thus players should use chests intelligently. Many players are unaware that they may stack chests in the game to make their storage take up significantly less space. Inventories may quickly fill up, therefore having a plethora of chests readily available to store items makes the game run much more smoothly. Obtaining the Megingjord Belt from Haldor (the dealer) will also be quite beneficial.

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Learn new crafting recipes

Valheim makes it easy to learn new crafting recipes. Just pick up an ingredient and you’re ready to go. You begin with a stone axe, a club, and a hammer when you pick up a piece of wood and a stone. The next set will unlock after you find flint. You must pick up something from each category to unlock new recipes. Though you don’t have to buy everything you see, keep in mind not to fill your pockets.

Construct a comfortable mansion

Valheim Guide
Valheim (Image credit: Steam)

The resting boost is one of the most powerful things to have in Valheim, and it should ideally be active whenever you accomplish anything in the game. The length of your resting buff is influenced by the level of comfort in the building where you obtained it. So, when you begin to build larger, more complicated, more permanent bases, you’ll want them to be as comfortable as possible.

The elements of each structure define the amount of comfort. While you won’t have access to many of the greatest comfort items until late in the game. However, some items will require you to fight the first boss in order to make them.

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