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The plot of Gods Will Fall begins with an uprising. Ordinary people come together with crude axes and maces crafted of crooked iron and congealed blood, hacking and slashing their way through armies of nasty thralls, soured by countless years spent under the deific boot of a terrible pantheon. 

This motley army is united by a single conviction: shatter the gods one by one – these gods will fall. And then, as if on cue, these same gods summon a big and terrible storm to wipe out the majority of the opposition in one single sweep. By the time the game begins, you’ve only got eight warriors to deal with, all of whom survived the storm and swam ashore.

This is the grubstaker for Gods Will Fall. In an age of roguelikes and Soulslikes, where creativity is the only way to deviate from an increasingly saturated model, it’s critical for games to carve out their own distinct gimmicks, and carve them effectively. Your eight soldiers in Gods Will Fall each have their own randomized weapons, stats, and connections.

Gods Will Fall Guide: You can restart the game

While the unpredictability of Gods Will Fall adds a little more replayability, the issue here is that players face the issue of their squad not always being well-stocked on every run. Every time a new game is started, all eight warriors will be allocated battle styles, weapons, attributes, and lore at random. 

As a result, it is occasionally a good idea to just repeat the game from the beginning in order for the player to verify that they have a decent squad. Nobody wants a complete party made up of sword wielders or characters with low stats.

Gods Will Fall Guide: Warrior selection

Gods Will Fall Guide
Gods will fall (Image credit: Steam)

While many players may choose a character only based on the weapon they use or their attributes, there is another level to character choosing that is equally as essential. When the player approaches a God’s cave, they are occasionally informed of how their warriors feel about the God or the scenario. Mechanically, based on their sentiments for the realm, these warriors will earn boosts or nerfs to their stats. Players should keep this feature in mind while selecting their soldiers since it can provide them a significant advantage when facing a God.

Gods Will Fall Guide: Take advantage of enemy weapons

Gods Will Fall Guide
Gods will fall (Image credit: Steam)

While the player’s weaponry might be rather powerful, using an enemy’s weapons against them is a wonderful method to deal harm to them. When an adversary dies or tosses their weapon, the player will be able to pick it up and utilize it. Most of the time, these weapons aren’t any more powerful, but they may be hurled at an adversary directly. This allows the player to knock down, stun, or just injure their opponents without risking receiving damage and can perhaps set themselves up to attack their opponent hard.

Gods Will Fall Guide: Buffs

In certain worlds, buffs are permanent. Not all of God’s domains provide lasting enhancements, but a few do. The player can take their weapon to Morrigan’s domain and improve its potency by engaging with one of the forges scattered across it. This can either improve it to the next level or degrade it, but it can be a wonderful method to earn a level four weapon. 

In Krannus’ domain, the player will also be able to interact with two stone towers, which will provide them with whole new power. Both of these towers are off the usual road, however, the player will have to face a few extra opponents if they want to do so.

Gods Will Fall Guide: Combat Styles

Gods Will Fall Guide
Gods will fall (Image credit: Steam)

There are distinct battle styles depending on the various weapon sets. Heavy weapon users move more slowly but do more damage and can shock adversaries more easily. There are also sword and one-handed axe users that strike a good balance between strength and quickness. The third type consists of duel-wielders, who are lightning-fast but often deliver less damage.

The fourth category consists of spear users, who are frequently swift on their feet yet can hit their foes from a distance and may stop assaults. Most players will favor one fighting technique over another, but they must be proficient in all of them. Nothing will terminate a run faster than being forced to employ a weapon that the player is unfamiliar with.

The game is not so easy

difficult game
Gods will fall (Image credit: Steam)

If you stray into Osseus’ lair, which is the closest to the shore, you’re just as likely to get hit by a wet tissue as a cinder block. The difficulty is randomized with each individual run, so you won’t know if Boadannu will be defeated in three hits or 30 until you’ve already entered their kingdom. With 10 distinct gods, unarticulated hardship invites far too many variations that make your death a near-certainty.

To be sure, this is fascinating in some ways. It means that the first dungeon you enter is a gamble. If you chance to take on one of the run’s designated difficult ones and lose someone, you’ll have to decide something. Whether to abandon it for later, when you’re stronger or to persist in order to free your vanquished friends from their thrall.

Dodge and Parry are important

Obviously, attacking foes is critical, but the most crucial aspect of fighting is evading and parrying hostile strikes. Most of the time, the player cannot interrupt an opponent’s attack, therefore, the only method to avoid receiving damage is to dodge out of the way of it or parry it. Parrying may be accomplished by ducking right into an adversary when they are attacking, which can stun them. In addition, parrying an opponent’s strike will grant the player more bloodlust. Parrying can also be employed during select boss fights.

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