5 Pokemon Who Deserve a Unique Evolution

Many Pokemon in the Pokemon franchise don’t have an evolution form. Which are the 5 Pokemon that deserve another form? Find out everything.

In Pokemon games, most units have different forms including a shadow form. Some Pokemon have evolutions including mega evolutions. Pokémon in their other forms get high stats and powers. Be it a normal evolution of the Multi-Staged evolution, a Pokemon with evolution is always stronger. But some Pokemon in the Pokedex are not lucky to have an evolution. Here are the top 5 Pokemon that deserve an evolution.

5 Pokemon That Deserve Evolution Forms

Pokemon with evolution forms give you an advantage in battles. The Pokedex has more than 1000 Pokemon and hundreds of Pokemon are still without an evolution. 


Though Weezing is a top-tier defender, the Pokemon does not have an evolution. Weezing has appeared in popular Pokemon games including Pokemon Go. Weezing breathes poison and enhances its powers in garbage. It evolves from Koffing and it also has a Galarian form. Weezing is a shrewd Pokemon and has been tactical in raids. The Pokemon excels in ranged battles and can perform like a beast with the best skills.


Luvdisc is an underrated Pokemon in the Pokemon world. This heart-shaped Pokemon is known as the Rendezvous. Trainers can use its Water-type skills and defeat the strongest Pokemon as well. Luvdisc is one rare Pokemon that deserves an evolution as the Pokemon doesn’t have more than one form. 

Pokemon Komala


Komala is deemed as the laziest Pokemon in Generation 7. It sleeps, travels and eats. Some say komala sleeps even during raids. History says the saliva of Komala can be the cure for sleepless Pokemon. An all-rounder like Komala doesn’t have any evolution. Though the Pokemon is lazy, it can attack harder and win battles solo.


Cramorant is one of the best ranged attackers in games like Pokemon Unite, and Pokemon Sword & Shield. Even after appearing in popular Pokémon games, this unit doesn’t have other forms or evolutions. The cute blue-colored duck-like Pokemon surely needs an evolution as fans wish to witness its pre-evolution or baby forms.

Pokemon evolution
Lumineon Pokemon


The Neon Pokemon is one of the strongest Water-type Pokemon in Gen 4 games. Lumineon evolves from Finneon, but it doesn’t have an evolution. With strong stats and high speed, the fish-type Pokemon deserves a mega evolution form. Lumineon lives in deep sea floors and uses crawls and tails to survive against monsters.

In the Pokemon world, there are baby Pokemon, mega evolutions Pokemon and branched Pokemon. With different types and forms available, hundreds of Pokemon are yet to get an evolution form.


What’s the advantage of Pokemon with an Evolution?

Pokemon that evolves will get extra stats and powers. Also, these forms of Pokemon will be able to learn new moves as they level up. The base form of Pokemon can never be stronger than an evolution form.

Are Evolution Pokemon Good?

Yes, evolution and mega evolution forms of a Pokemon becomes lethal in raids and boss battles. Also, you can unleash these units for ranked battles in Pokemon games.

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