The Blue Archive PvP Guide will help you improve your gameplay and have a better gaming experience.

The Gacha RPG game Blue Archive was released on February 4, 2021, by NAT Games. This game takes place in a fantasy land called Kivotos, where you play the role of a teacher in a city called Schale in an imaginary sci-fi world. 

How does Blue Archive’s PvP work?

It is a pretty simple concept. In this mode, you will normally form a team, and then you will send them to attack another player’s defense team. As a result of a win against a higher-ranked defender, the attacker, and the defender swap ranks.

As an attacker, you receive five free attacks every day. You can then climb the ladder by attacking. The attacks can be done whenever you like, and the teams can be switched whenever you like. In addition, you can be picky about your defending opponent to a certain extent. Additional attack attempts may also be purchased. However, this is much more expensive than any marginal reward you can get from PvP, and it is not recommended. Those who like climbing ladders should consider these purchases. 

The goal of a defender is to protect their rank with a defending team. You may see 0 defends one day and 9 defends the next, as there is no limit to how many times you can be attacked. Although you can adjust your defending strategy at any time, you don’t have access to replays of the battles. As a defender, your only information is damage graphs.

The Autoplay AI controls your units rather than you in the middle of a battle. Whenever the strikers on one team are all eliminated or when the timer expires, the battle is over. A team with the highest remaining HP wins if the battle times out.

Blue Archive PvP Guide

Blue Archive PvP Guide
Blue Archive

Credits, Pyroxenes (Gems), and Coins are the three types of prizes in PvP. These prizes are distributed in a variety of ways:


Battle by battle

  • A successful assault earns you 1000 credits.
  • A three-coin win for the defense


  • Your PvP rating generates credits for you passively. This goes from 30creds/min at the lowest rank to 120creds/min at the highest rank.


  • You can claim a daily award based on your rank every day. Note that these awards calculate depending on your current rank at the time you press the claim button, so climb as high as you can for the day before claiming.
  • Claim time is not on the same schedule as the daily reset.
  • For first place, you can get up to 45 Pyroxenes and 125 coins per day.
  • Daily PVP rewards the top 4 tiers. In a new bracket, they should be possible.

Season’s top ranking

  • When you reach a rank milestone for the first time in a season, you receive pyroxenes. To get to rank 1, you’ll need roughly 2490 Pyroxenes.
  • You may re-earn this whenever PvP is reset and a new season begins, as the name indicates.

Overall, the highest-ranking

  • The first time you achieve a ranking milestone, you earn pyroxenes. This amounts to around 5660 Pyroxenes for achieving rank one.
  • There is no reset for these bonuses.

You can spend coins in the PvP store, which is updated every day. You may also refresh for an extra 10 coins up to three times every day. Furthermore, you should strive to earn at least enough coins to be able to buy out 90 AP a day, even if you don’t care about PvP. If you don’t use this free AP daily, you’ll noticeably slow down your progression. 

PvP Bracket

Blue Archive PvP Guide
Blue Archive

Having every player on the same ladder wouldn’t be very rewarding in PvP. There is a leaderboard for each bracket and brackets separate players. Each bracket determines when players created their accounts. So a 1-week-old account would likely share a bracket with a 1-week-old account made today or tomorrow, but players from tomorrow wouldn’t appear in your bracket. 

In addition, brackets reset every season. The players shuffle around when a season resets to keep the competition alive. If you are replaced by a player with a similar level to yours, you will likely be put into the same bracket as them.

Immediately upon creating a bracket, the bots appear on the leaderboard. A bot can be identified when:

  • A student’s player ID matches the bot’s
  • The picture and the first character on their team is identical to the bot’s
  • A logical team composition does not exist

Artificial Intelligence and Positioning

Blue Archive
Blue Archive

Alone, positioning can make or break a game. In explaining all the possibilities involved with where your students sit on the field, unit positioning is a very deep and complex topic.

On the team building page, you can place your students into different slots on the map. The students in position 1 will appear closest to the bottom of the screen. The students in position 4 will spawn closest to the top of the screen. This applies to both offense and defense.

Second, the combined position of your unit and the enemy will determine where everyone will stop. Defending and offensive reasons both demand this. As a general rule, the AI will always prioritize their EX skill for their AA target. Better positioning can make skill shots more accurate. The ideal place for your student to stop is somewhere unlikely to be hit.


Blue Archive
Blue Archive

It may not seem as important in other game modes, but terrain effects unit preference significantly in PvP. Terrain usually affects your choice of units and how they are positioned as well. Every unit has its favorite and least favorite terrain. Some aspects of their performance are directly related to their mood in those terrains.

Some units may favor one kind of terrain over another, while others may be generally neutral for both. More harm = better. Less harm is a negative thing. The block rate is the one that most people overlook. Blocks absorb damage, hence they play a significant role in a unit’s survival. When taking shelter, a unit that despises the terrain will never block incoming damage. Not only is the unit’s survivability reduced, but it also has an indirect effect on your other troops, since the sad unit is occupying cover that another happier unit may utilize instead.

This was all about the Blue Archive PvP Guide that you will need to go further in the game.

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