How to increase friendship fast in Pokemon BDSP

Discover how Fast Pokemon BDSP friendship can be done for a better experience in the game.

It is as important to increase your friendship with your Pokemon as their level in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Because the value also impacts both Pokemon battles and their evolutions.

The long-standing friendship mechanism is featured in Pokemon BDSP. It’s largely about accelerating the evolution of particular baby-type Pokemon. You can even evolve Togepi and Riolu as a result of enhancing your friendship level quickly in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. If you want a Togepi or Chansey to progress on the dex, you’ll need to increase their happiness and friendship levels to a set point.

Most Pokemon games revolve around winning battles. You should also cultivate a good working relationship with your team. If you do, then your Pokemon will be able to cure themselves of illnesses.

Some species, such as Eevee and Budew, require a high level of friendship to evolve. Increasing the Friendship level is usually the main reason trainers are looking to do so quickly. As you travel alongside a Pokemon, your Friendship level will automatically increase. Getting a high Friendship level can take a long time, but we have some tips for getting it fast.

How to increase friendship fast in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The first at the party

This is probably the simplest suggestion of all. Change the order of your Pokemon in your party so that the Pokemon you wish to make happy is at the top.

Soothe Bell

The Soothe Bell is the key to increasing friendship levels in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. It increases the amount of happiness received by any of the strategies we’re about to mention when possessed by any member of your party.

Go to Route 212 and enter the Pokemon Mansion to obtain it. At the main entrance, turn left and enter via the second door on the left. You’ll find a helpful maid there who will offer you the item simply by chatting to them about catching Pokemon in the trophy garden.


Fast Pokemon BDSP friendship
Pokemon BDSP

It helps to combat the desired monster in the same way as it helps to make a consistent appearance at the head of your group. EXP levels boost a Pokémon’s happiness level, so use them in battles against experienced trainers or during wild encounters. Losing and/or being knocked out, on the other hand, might have the opposite impact.


While the previous six steps should be enough to enhance your Pokémon’s friendship level, giving them the right Poffin can also help them be happier. You won’t be able to start creating Poffins until you get in Hearthome City and meet a contest judge. To obtain the Poffin Case, enter the Pokémon Fan Club building in Hearthome and speak with the old guy in the middle of the room.

You may now return to the Poffin House in the same city and utilise the case to make berry-filled Poffins. The procedure of determining which Poffin your Pokémon will enjoy is complicated and arguably deserves its own guide, but giving them the appropriate treat will increase their pleasure by a factor of ten. Careful Pokémon, for example, prefer bitter tastes and despise dry ones.


Both Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have walking Pokemon. The number of steps you take with each walking Pokemon will increase its friendship level. To begin walking, go to your party screen, choose the monster you want to walk with, and click “walk together.” As you go, the Pokemon will now follow you and get happier.


Certain things are classed as vitamins, and they all provide a Pokemon that consumes them a tiny boost in happiness. Calcium, Zinc, Protein, and Iron are all good choices, and they’re easy to get by on your journey. In all, a Pokemon may ingest up to three vitamins, so utilize them wisely.


increase friendship in Pokemon
Fast Pokemon BDSP friendship

There is a woman in Veilstone City who is able to massage one Pokemon once per day in the southern part of the city, somewhat near the gym.

The friendship level of your Pokémon in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl can be increased in a variety of ways besides battling them. Friend Balls and Luxury Balls will boost their friendship levels when you catch them first.

In addition to gifting other consumables, such as puffins and vitamins, you can also equip a Soothe Bell to increase a Pokémon’s friendship level by 50%. You can also increase your Pokémon’s friendship level by walking or riding your bicycle with them. In Veilstone City, you can also get Pokémon massages to increase their friendship level.

How can you tell if your friendship level is high?

increase friendship in Pokemon
increase friendship in Pokemon

In-game tools can help you check your friendship level, but it isn’t an exact science. If you are in Eterna City, you should speak with the Pokémon Center employee there. A Poketech app that measures friendship will be made available to you by him.

You’ll see icons for all of your friends when you scroll through your apps. You can see icons for all of your friends when you scroll through your apps. To check their approximate happiness levels, just tap each one. A higher number of hearts indicates greater happiness.

Any Pokemon will evolve if you have a high degree of friendship with them. They have no level restrictions, however, some do demand leveling at a specific time of day. Don’t get too worried if a Pokemon doesn’t show any hearts when you tap it. Our tips above can help you increase its Friendship level if you put some more effort into it.

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