The Tower Of Fantasy Wormhole Guide has some important tips along with how to play effectively. Therefore read it till the end.

Hykros developed the Wormhole as a result of its research into dimensional anomalies. A player must collect rift energy within a time limit to complete Wormhole until the progression bar reaches 100%.

As fighters are recruited to fix these anomalies, it provides specialized training. The question is, how long will you be able to survive in this strange environment? Read the Tower Of Fantasy Wormhole Guide below to know everything about it.


Tower Of Fantasy Wormhole Guide 

Located under “Challenge” under the “Adventure” tab, Wormhole is a new PvE game mode in Tower of Fantasy. This mode can only be reached at Level 41 or higher; if you have not achieved this level yet, you’ll have to keep grinding. You’ll notice multiple levels on the Wormhole page; each has its own prerequisites, so pick one to begin.

You’ll see that the dungeon looks like a maze or labyrinth right away. In each level, you must clear an increasing number of enemies. During each floor, you will learn the Target Weak Points for most enemies, which you can use to your advantage. There are about 24 floors to clear.

Be Strategic

You’ll also need to be strategic with which characters best synergize with the buffs to clear floors faster. Likewise, certain enemies will drop unique buffs that can help you clear floors faster. The best character buffs also help boost stats like ATK speed, CRIT Rate, DMG, and more for a limited time. You earn points for clearing every floor, but there are also items you can find that are worth your while.

Clear out all enemies

In addition, your Wormhole floor clearance determines how many points you earn. As a result, you can gain rewards after completing each floor. However, the main goal of the Wormhole mode is to clear out all enemies on each floor so that a meter is filled. Once you’ve reached 100% completion, you can continue to the next floor until all floors are cleared of enemies.

Skill and timing are curcial

The floors are filled with enemies, but it is best to scout the floor for Elites, because they drop buffs that greatly improve your abilities. The boss fights on certain levels, like levels four and eight, require skill and timing. For you to break their shield or shielding ability, you need to use your ultimate called Discharge to ensure your attacks are well-timed.

Tower Of Fantasy Wormhole Guide: Important Tips

  • Stages include buffs that are beneficial to specific elements and weapon types, such as melee or ranged, and debuffs that can make enemies immune to particular elements and/or damage types. A higher grade of difficulty might make enemies resistant to some substances.
  • Upon clearing a stage for the first time, players can earn one Wormhole point. Players are advised to challenge all difficulties to accumulate points. Points obtained from different difficulties of a stage will be counted separately. Aside from counting towards the Wormhole Leaderboard, these points unlock additional rewards.
  • For chapters that require Limitless Mode, the difficulty of the challenge must be cleared, and the results must be tallied before unlocking the mode. If the highest difficulty requirement of the chapter is not met, Limitless Mode can only be unlocked for the previous stage. Wanderers can claim rewards immediately when challenging Limitless Mode for any stage other than their current highest stage.
  • As players cannot use healing items such as food within the Wormhole, it is imperative to collect Regen Orbs and be mindful of your health, as the current health and obtained buffs will carry over to the next stages. 
  • As long as the player collects Blessing Runes, the player will be able to choose between 3 random buffs when he or she uses healing weapons, but the healing efficiency is reduced to 80%. Elite enemies drop Blessing Runes when they are killed. Along with collectibles that lengthen the Wormhole timer, Blessing Runes can also be found scattered over the stage.

Tower Of Fantasy Wormhole Guide: Rewards

With the Wormhole game mode, you earn points that can be used for a variety of rewards after clearing all the floors available for a level. You can also acquire purple Energy Crystal Dust from the Wormhole game mode, which is essential for getting better gear. These rewards include Gold Nucleus, Weapon Battery, Matrix Data Packs, and Gold.

After that, you will be able to access the Crystal Dust Store, where you can buy various items with the various types of Crystal Dust. You can use this purple dust to purchase crystals, which you can use to upgrade your equipment or purchase gear items that are of higher rarity.

Whenever you begin a level in Tower of Fantasy, there is a reset function called Wormhole Hydra. Once the interval has ended, your rewards will be mailed to you in-game. Therefore, you should progress as far as possible and collect as many items as you can on each floor once you have started any level.

So this was everything you needed to know from our Tower Of Fantasy Wormhole Guide. Follow the Tower Of Fantasy Wormhole Guide carefully so that you will have no problem in playing.

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