Skyforge Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks

With the help of the Skyforge Guide, you will get lots of tips and tricks that will assist you in the journey of your game.

Players take on the role of immortals with extraordinary celestial powers who must protect the planet Aelion from invaders who threaten its population and the world. The Skyforge game features a ‘prestige’ system, in place of a leveling system, which allows players to advance according to the total of their stats and progress.

Skyforge is a game where players enter the pantheon of the gods in order to become one of them. It is an MMORPG and can be quite difficult for beginners at first instance. Hence, the Skyforge Guide will help you with the top 10 tips and tricks that you can keep in mind when you are trying out this game. 

Skyforge Guide: Shaping Your Divinity

The first step in playing a free-to-play MMORPG is to create your character. Start by choosing your gender and then your basic preset character. You can then customize nearly everything about them to make them look the way you want. If you decide you do not like the look you created after the tutorial, you can still change it again.

Skyforge Guide: Auto Pathfinding 

 When playing Skyforge, the game will do the running for you as you select the waypoint and hit space. When playing Skyforge, press the Num Lock key to switch the auto-pathfinding run. By pressing the space bar when your crosshair is over a cross waypoint, you’ll automatically move there.

Skyforge Guide: Waypoint teleporting 

You can zoom around an open map by discovering waypoints. You can select waypoints through your maps if you’re in the open world and then teleport between them once you’ve unlocked them.

Disassemble All Things 

Whenever possible, you should disassemble things in Skyforge. When you right-click in your inventory, hit disassemble as much as you can. Disassembling will earn you valuable bag space, so wait until later in the game when you’re earning a lot more credits if you want to expand your bag space. For storage, you can use other classes. You can swap to another class if you have a weapon you don’t want to lose. You can use your classes as storage systems.


Prioritize Upgrades

Upgrade the slots for types of equipment as soon as you can. Until about rank 6, they’re a good source of resources, but they start requiring a lot more than they return.

Plan out atlas 

Always roughly plan out your Skyforge ascension atlas. Keep a look out for the things you need from the Atlas. There are several nodes to travel, hence, it is important that you plan your path accordingly. This can save you a lot of time while unlocking elements in the game. 

Try everything before buying 

Learn all the classes before you unlock them and earn some rad costumes along the way. In the training hall, you can try out other classes that you might not have unlocked, and you can unlock other costumes when you complete them. Once you’ve beaten the bosses in some classes, you can wear a headpiece to show off your prowess.

Spark Cap 

The currency list shows how many sparks, credits, and particles you can earn each week. Skyforge only allows you to collect a certain number each week and progress a certain amount. When that limit is reached, those rewards are replaced by those listed in the right column. Eventually, you won’t be able to obtain certain items.

Prestige is not Power

Skyforge gear has many stats and estimates, and prestige is only a rough indication of power level. People still find the founder pack weapons relevant at that 20,000 to 25,000 prestige level, even though they are very low prestige weapons. Snap new rings and weapons once you reach 25,000+ prestige. You’ll have a more efficient character if you are selective.

Mind your stats

This is the section of the Skyforge guide where we discuss what makes you stronger. In the first place, prestige points are awarded instead of experience points. As you develop parts of the world like the Tower of Knowledge and get new gear, you will gain these items. 

As you gain strength the world gets harder, it scales to keep things interesting, but some missions have a recommended level. With the Might stat, you can track your overall ability. Based on your stats, this number tells you how strong you are and is usually paired with Prestige.


So this was the Skyforge Guide. Follow it carefully and you can improve your game very fast.

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