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Glowshrooms are a type of environmental puzzle found in Tower of Fantasy. It is commonly known as the “three mushroom puzzle”. Players need to jump on the caps of giant shrooms in a specific order to solve it. Once players hop on the shroom caps, a bluish particle effect will appear and players will hear a boing sound. If players step on a particular Glowshroom node in the correct order, they will hear an audible piano note.

To solve the puzzle, players need to step on all the right mushroom caps in the correct order. If they manage to do so, a Gold or Black Nucleus will spawn as a reward. This can be a great reward to solve the puzzle, as these rewards can help players progress further in the game. In this guide, we will tell you how to solve the Tower of Fantasy Mushrooms Puzzle easily.


How to solve the Tower of Fantasy Mushrooms Puzzle 

Glowshroom puzzles can be tricky to solve. Players who pay attention to the musical notes produced by each shroom and stomp on them in the right order can complete the puzzle and earn valuable rewards.

To solve the Glowshroom puzzle in Tower of Fantasy, players need to follow a specific sequence. First, they should look for the smallest shroom in the group, which is characterized by its miniature size. Once they find it, they need to stomp on it to trigger the puzzle.

After stomping on the smallest Glowshroom, players should look for the mushroom in the game that is slightly larger in size. They need to jump on the medium-sized Glowshroom before bouncing onto the largest shroom in the group. If players perform the sequence correctly, they will hear musical notes play for each bounce.

If they manage to land on the largest Glowshroom in the correct order, a Nucleus will appear as a reward. This can be a great way to earn valuable items and progress further in the game. Players should keep in mind that the sequence is important and they need to jump on the mushrooms in the correct order to solve the puzzle.

More Tower of Fantasy Mushrooms Puzzle

Although the Glowshroom puzzle in Tower of Fantasy is commonly known as the “three mushrooms puzzle,” there are actually other puzzles that involve more than three shrooms. Throughout Navia and Crown Mines, players will find puzzles with six Glowshrooms per puzzle, some of which are of the same size. This makes the “order-of-size” technique ineffective.

Nevertheless, the size of the Glowshrooms still matters in solving the puzzles. When players interact with four or more shrooms, they must rely on trial and error to figure out the correct order. Smaller shrooms should still be interacted with first before larger ones.


When dealing with same-sized shrooms, players can determine which ones come first in the hierarchy by experimenting with the order of interaction. If a shroom is interacted with in the correct order, it will glow with a bluish hue until the puzzle is complete or a mistake is made. By following these tips, players can successfully solve the Glowshroom puzzles in Tower of Fantasy and earn valuable rewards.

So this was everything you needed to know about the Tower of Fantasy Mushrooms Puzzle.

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