Are you also finding it difficult to get the Lost Ark Roar Emote? Do not worry because it is easy once you know what to do.

When playing Lost Ark, it is important to note that some items, such as emotes, are not just for fun but can also be used in various quests to help players progress further in the game. One such emote is the ‘Roar’ emote, which is relatively common in terms of rarity and not too difficult to obtain. 

However, the real challenge lies in earning enough currency to purchase it, rather than finding it in the game. Players should focus on farming other in-game currency to afford the Lost Ark Roar emote to help them progress through quests that require its use. This guide will give you all the details that will help you to get the emote.


How to get Lost Ark Roar Emote

To get the Roar emote in Lost Ark, players will need to acquire 3,360 Gienah’s Coins, an epic type of coin used to buy certain items in the game. These coins are sometimes rewarded from quests and missions, so players can focus on doing co-op quests or island quests from NPCs to earn them. Completing island quests can also give players a chance to receive a High Seas Coin Chest, which can be traded in for 100 Gienah’s Coins.

While obtaining enough coins may take some time, the Lost Ark Roar emote itself is not too difficult to acquire once the coins are in hand. Gienah’s Coins can be used to purchase various items, such as blueprints and emotes. The Roar emote is of normal rarity, so players should be able to buy it from a vendor once they have enough coins.

Gienah’s Coins

A good way to earn them is by completing co-op quests or island quests for NPCs around the map. Players can also exchange a High Seas Coin Chest obtained from an island quest for 100 Gienah’s Coins.

Once the required coins have been obtained, players can head to Freedom Isle to buy the emote. To find the merchant who sells the roar emote, players should check the map for a grey vendor icon. If Blackfang, the pirate who sells the emote, is on the island, the icon will be located where she is. Players should head to the east side of Freedom Isle to find the grey vendor icon inside a cabin.

How to find the Blackfang

To obtain the Lost Ark Roar emote, players must first find the merchant, Blackfang, on Freedom Isle. The easiest way to check if she is available is to look for a grey vendor icon on the map. Once found, players should approach her and initiate a conversation to access her shop menu.

One of the items sold by Blackfang is the book required to learn the roar emote. While emotes are usually learned through quests or by reading a book, the ‘Roar’ emote is purchasable from Blackfang’s shop. Once the book is purchased, the emote is automatically learned and can be used by selecting it in the inventory tab or typing ‘/roar’ into the chat.

It’s important to note that emotes can be a requirement for various quests and missions in Lost Ark, and the Roar emote is no exception. While it may take some time to save up the required coins, it’s well worth the effort to have this emote in one’s inventory.


Other methods to get the Lost Ark Roar Emote

If you’re looking to earn the necessary funds to purchase the Roar emote in Lost Ark, there are a couple of methods to do so, though it may take a few days to accumulate enough coins. One option is to participate in the Procyon’s Compass daily events, which include a Chaos Gate, Adventure Island, Lost Ark Ghost Ship, and Field Boss. You can track these events with the compass located under the mini-map. Completing these events can potentially reward you with a High Seas Coin Chest, which contains 100 epic coins, including Gienah’s Coin.

In addition to daily events, there are certain islands that offer guaranteed High Seas Coin Chests as rewards for completing quests. Here are the names of the islands and the number of chests you can earn on each:

  • Devil’s Isle: 3
  • Jagged Coast: 2 
  • Whistling Island: 2 
  • Alteisen – 3
  • Lullaby Island – 12
  • Opher, the Lonely Island – 2
  • Orvis Island – 3
  • Peyto – 5
  • Revelry Row – 5
  • Atropos – 10
  • Hope Island – 12
  • Island of Mist – 7
  • Isle of Yearning – 15
  • Kalthertz – 7
  • Lost City – 15
  • Blackfang’s Den – 10
  • Freedom Isle – 15
  • Gesbroy – 15
  • Golden Wave Island – 7
  • Runaways Island – 5
  • Tooki Corporation – 16
  • Turtle Island – 7

By completing quests on these islands, you can earn the required coins much faster.

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