Tower of Fantasy Hide and Seek Deepsea Event Guide

Read the Tower of Fantasy Hide and Seek Deepsea Event Guide before you start the event. It has some important tips that you need.

Tower of Fantasy, the popular online role-playing game, has recently unveiled its highly anticipated Version 2.5 update. Packed with exciting new features and thrilling gameplay experiences, this update introduces a series of upcoming events and playable Simulacrums that are sure to excite players. 

One such event is the Hide and Seek Event, which takes place in the mesmerizing Deepsea area. If you’re eager to immerse yourself in this event, read our Tower of Fantasy Hide and Seek Deepsea Event guide. It has some valuable tips on how to make the most of your experience in the event.

1. Preparation Phase: Setting the Stage

The Hide and Seek Event consists of three stages, starting with the Preparation Phase. To embark on this thrilling adventure, participants must access the event through the corresponding screen within the designated countdown period. During this phase, you’ll have a total of 50 seconds to make a critical decision – whether to assume the role of an esteemed Optical Agent/Seeker (Blue) or the guise of a discreet Concealed Operative/Hider (Red).

Choosing your role wisely is crucial, as each role comes with unique skills and gameplay mechanics. If multiple individuals aspire to become Optical Agents, two fortunate players will be selected at random. In the absence of volunteers, two Optical Agents will be designated randomly from the pool of all participants.

2. Hiding Phase: The Art of Subterfuge

Once the Preparation Phase concludes, it’s time to enter the Hiding Phase. As the game begins, the esteemed Optical Agents will find themselves confined within the ready area for a predetermined duration of 45 seconds. Meanwhile, all Concealed Operatives will be discreetly relocated outside the ready area, their objective being to find suitable hiding spots and employ their ingenuity to remain undetected by the vigilant Optical Agents.

Concealed Operatives can seamlessly morph into various objects or skillfully blend into their surroundings, making it challenging for the Optical Agents to locate them. This phase requires strategic thinking, quick decision-making, and the ability to navigate the environment effectively. The better you conceal yourself, the greater your chances of success in this thrilling game of hide and seek.

3. Searching Phase: Unveiling the Mystery

Following the Hiding Phase, the stage is set for the search and pursuit to begin. The skilled Optical Agents, equipped with their sharp instincts and astute observation skills, must now endeavor to capture as many Concealed Operatives as possible within the given timeframe of 300 seconds.

During this intense search, the Optical Agents, accompanied by their trusted Agent’s Assistants, will meticulously scour the area, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to apprehend the elusive Concealed Operatives. Cooperation and effective communication among the Optical Agents and their Assistants are vital for success.

If the Optical Agents, with the assistance of their trusted Agent’s Assistants, manage to capture all the Concealed Operatives within the allocated time, victory will be claimed by the diligent Seekers team. However, if any Concealed Operatives remain uncaptured, the triumph will be attributed to the cunning Concealed Operatives and their counterparts, the Concealed Viruses.

Roles: Agent’s Assistants and Concealed Viruses

The first two Concealed Operatives who are captured have a choice to make. They can align themselves with the Agent’s cause and become Agent’s Assistants, assisting the Searching Agent in tracking down other Hidden Operatives. Alternatively, they can embrace their covert nature as Concealed Viruses, leveraging their unique skills to interfere with the Searching Agent and other Agent’s Assistants.

It’s important to note that while Agent’s Assistants play a supportive role, aiding the Searching Agent in locating the Hidden Operatives, they are not allowed to directly capture them. On the other hand, Concealed Viruses specialize in supporting Hidden Operatives by utilizing their unique skills to hinder the Searching Agent and other Agent’s Assistants. This dynamic adds an additional layer of complexity and strategic depth to the gameplay.

Tower of Fantasy Hide and Seek Deepsea Event: Roles Explained

Let’s take a closer look at the different roles in the Tower of Fantasy Hide and Seek Deepsea event:

Team Concealed:

Concealed Operatives:

Concealed Operatives form the hiding team during the match. Their primary goal is to find a suitable position to either morph, hide, or camouflage themselves from the opposing Seekers. They are granted a total of 45 seconds to accomplish this task. Once the hiding phase ends, their objective is to survive for a duration of 300 seconds without being caught. To aid them in their endeavor, Concealed Operatives have access to two unique abilities:

  • Transformation: This ability allows them to transform into a specific item within the game area. Tapping the ability again cancels the transformation.
  • Invisibility: By activating this ability, Concealed Operatives become temporarily invisible, making it difficult for the Seekers to locate them. However, movement or being scanned by certain abilities will make them visible again.

Concealed Viruses:

Concealed Viruses serve as the Assistants to Concealed Operatives. Once a Concealed Operative is caught by an Optical Agent and selects their role, they become a Concealed Virus. The primary objective of Concealed Viruses is to aid their fellow Operatives in winning the match and thwarting the efforts of the opposing Seekers. Similar to Concealed Operatives, they possess two unique abilities:

  • Speed Boost: This ability increases the movement speed of nearby Concealed Operatives by 30% for a duration of 10 seconds.
  • Confinement Space: By deploying this ability, Concealed Viruses create a space that only hinders the Optical Agent and Agent’s Assistants, providing an advantage to the hiding team.

Team Agents:

Optical Agents:

Optical Agents are tasked with the role of Seekers in the Hide and Seek Deepsea event. Their objective is to locate and capture every Concealed Operative within the given time frame of 300 seconds. During the Hiding Phase, Optical Agents are confined by a barrier and can only observe the Operatives through it. To enhance their chances of success, Optical Agents possess two unique abilities:

  • Scanner: By activating this ability, Optical Agents can scan a specific area centered on themselves. The color and special effects change when Concealed Operatives are detected within the scanned area, granting a speed boost to the Optical Agent.
  • Electromagnetic Trap: This powerful area-of-effect skill allows Optical Agents to eliminate Concealed Operatives upon contact, greatly aiding in their capture.

Agent’s Assistants:

Agent’s Assistants are counterparts to Concealed Viruses, but in the Seeker’s team. When a Concealed Operative is caught by an Optical Agent and chooses the Assistant role, they become an Agent’s Assistant. Unlike Optical Agents, Agent’s Assistants are not directly involved in capturing Operatives. Instead, their primary role is to assist the Optical Agent in hunting down hidden Operatives. Agent’s Assistants possess two unique abilities:

  • Fake Scanner: This ability mimics the Optical Agent’s scanner, enabling Agent’s Assistants to scan certain areas centered on themselves. Similar to the actual scanner, the color and special effects change when Concealed Operatives are detected within the scanned area.
  • Speed Reduction: By creating an area on the point, Agent’s Assistants can reduce the movement speed of Concealed Operatives by 50%, making it harder for them to escape.

Tower of Fantasy Hide and Seek Deepsea Event: Settlement Rewards

Rewards in the Tower of Fantasy Hide and Seek Deepsea event are divided into two categories: Result Rewards and Role Rewards. Each category offers unique incentives for players based on their performance and the roles they assume during the gameplay.

Optical Agent Rewards:

Players who take on the role of Optical Agents in Hide and Seek Deepsea have the chance to earn rewards regardless of whether they win or lose the match. Additionally, the number of operatives they successfully capture during the game also contributes to their overall rewards. The more operatives captured, the more substantial the rewards, even if the Optical Agents do not emerge as the victors.

Concealed Operative/Concealed Virus/Agent’s Assistant Rewards:

For players assuming the roles of Concealed Operatives, Concealed Viruses, or Agent’s Assistants, rewards are also based on their performance and the duration of time they manage to survive. The longer they remain undetected and uncaptured, the better their rewards become. In the event that they are caught by the opposing team, their objective shifts to assisting their teammates in achieving victory.

Tower of Fantasy Hide and Seek Deepsea Event Rewards

Upon completing a match in the Hide and Seek Deepsea event, players are rewarded with Event Currencies known as Camo Coins based on their performance during the game. These Camo Coins can be exchanged for various rewards and items in the in-game Store. Here is a comprehensive list of the rewards available for players to obtain:

  • Dark Crystal ×100
  • Red Nucleus
  • Avatar Frame: Brilliant Alloy
  • Mechbird: Head
  • Mechbird: Torso
  • Core Control Module
  • Augmentation Factor
  • Energy Crystal Dust ×100
  • Spacetime Crystal Fragments
  • SSR Relic Shard Box
  • SR Relic Shard Box
  • Joint Supply Chip I
  • Mira ×100
  • Cluster
  • Weapon Augmentation Box II
  • Weapon Augmentation Box I
  • Gold ×1,000
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Matrix Data Pack III
  • Elemental Ore Box
  • Elemental Ore Shard Box
  • Mechbird: Legs (Spend 8,000 tokens)
  • Mechbird: Core (Spend 8,000 tokens)
  • Core Control Module (Spend 8,000 tokens)
  • Augmentation Factor (Spend 8,000 tokens)
  • Fortress Microreactor (Spend 8,000 tokens)
  • Red Nucleus (Spend 8,000 tokens)

It is important to note that on the first day of the event, players can accumulate a maximum of 1,200 Camo Coins. However, this limit increases by 1,200 Camo Coins each subsequent day, culminating in a total of 16,800 Camo Coins at the end of the event.

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