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Weapon blueprints are a great feature in Call of Duty Warzone, offering players unique customizations for their favorite weapons. One such blueprint that has caught the attention of many is the DMZ Heated Madness blueprint for the Kastov 762. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to unlock this blueprint in the Warzone’s DMZ, providing you with all the necessary details and tips to make your journey a successful one.


COD Warzone DMZ Heated Madness Blueprint

The DMZ Heated Madness blueprint for the Kastov 762 was introduced in the Reloaded mid-season update on May 10. Unlike many other blueprints that are locked behind paywalls, this particular blueprint can be obtained for free within the game. However, it does require some effort and determination on your part.

Unlocking the DMZ Heated Madness Blueprint

To unlock the DMZ Heated Madness blueprint, you will need to venture into the Koschei Complex, a hidden underground facility located in Al Mazrah. Your objective is to find all five parts of the custom Kastov 762 scattered throughout the complex and successfully exfil.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to collect all five parts in a single run. If you prefer, you can acquire one piece at a time and exfil to save your progress. Now, let’s delve into the specific locations of each weapon part.

1. Heated Madness Magazine

To obtain the Heated Madness magazine, enter the Koschei Complex through the Oasis entrance. As you navigate the gas chamber puzzle, pay attention to the section names for each main room. The last main room should be labeled “Section One.” Look for a smaller bunker room adjacent to the main chamber, behind the tall gas tanks. The magazine case will be located at the very back of this room. Remember to equip a gas mask before entering, as the room is filled with toxic gas.

2. Heated Madness Barrel

To acquire the Heated Madness barrel, make your way to the Chemical Plant within the Koschei Complex. This area is pitch black, so it’s advisable to equip a pair of night vision goggles. Once inside, you will come across small offices and subterranean vents connecting the middle of the facility. Crawl into these vents, and you will find the barrel weapon part inside one of them at random. If you cannot locate it, it’s possible that another player has already secured it.

3. Heated Madness Grip

Obtaining the Heated Madness grip requires a spare car battery and jumper leads. After entering the Koschei Complex’s Chemical Plant, search for the large bunker door labeled C-2. Although the door lacks power, you can attach your battery and leads to an open panel nearby. Connect the parts, open the bunker, and proceed into the Alpha Cluster. Inside this room, you will find a collection of computer servers. 

Look for three AQ Laptops spread across the Koschei Complex and bring them to the raised servers in the Alpha Cluster. This action will allow you to interact with the server cluster, opening a nearby door that leads to a room filled with loot and the grip weapon case.

4. Heated Madness Optic

To acquire the Heated Madness optic, enter the Koschei Complex via the Taraq Road bridge bunker. Once inside, head towards the Barracks. As you progress through the flooded room, try to find a Rebreather if possible. Continue towards the Chemical Plant until you encounter a fork in your path after the first swimming puzzle. 

Take the right path twice until you come across a hole in the wall covered in wooden boards. Break through the wall, equip the rebreather, and dive into the water. At the back of the flooded room, you will discover a set of doors. Swim through and locate the optic weapon case in the back corner of the room.

5. Heated Madness Muzzle

The final piece, the Heated Madness muzzle, requires some additional effort. Similar to acquiring the grip, you may want to have an extra car battery and jumper leads at hand. Enter the Koschei Complex through any entrance and proceed to the Chemical Plant, then head into the Alpha Cluster. Along the way, be sure to find an R4D Detector, as it will be crucial for solving the final puzzle. Once inside the Alpha Cluster, locate a yellow door with a keypad on one of the balconies overlooking the main server room. Use your R4D Detector to observe three Cyrillic symbols above the keypad. 

Heated Madness
Heated Madness

These symbols represent the code to open the door in a specific order. Return to the center of the room and examine the blackboards around the server racks using the R4D Detector. Look for the three symbols with lines drawn connecting them to numbers. Once you have identified two numbers, make an educated guess for the third. You have unlimited attempts, so proceed to the keypad once you have two numbers. If the code is correct, the door will open, and you will retrieve the muzzle piece.


With this guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge and strategies to obtain the COD Warzone’s DMZ Heated Madness blueprint. Remember, each part of the blueprint can be collected individually, allowing you to progress at your own pace. Prepare yourself for the challenges within the Koschei Complex, and emerge victorious with the powerful Kastov 762 blueprint in your arsenal. 

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