Facing problems in the Clash of Clans Bonanza Challenge? Do not worry. We have a complete guide to help you.

The highly anticipated Builder Base 2.0 update is already out. While the ongoing May 2023 season doesn’t feature a regular challenge, we have the special Builder Base Bonanza Challenge to keep you engaged and motivated. In this guide, we will walk you through each stage of the Clash of Clans Bonanza Challenge, providing detailed strategies to help you clear the bases and earn those valuable stars.

Get a 3 star
Get a 3 star

Clash of Clans Bonanza Challenge

The Bonanza Challenge is not your typical one-time battle; it’s a series of bases with preset troop combinations that will test your skills and strategic thinking. This challenge starts at Builder Hall Level 2 and progresses all the way up to the newly introduced Builder Hall Level 10. To unlock the next base, you need to win at least one battle and earn a minimum of one star.

What makes the Clash of Clans Bonanza Challenge enticing is the rewards it offers. The rewards are distributed based on the number of stars you accumulate throughout the battles. You have the freedom to attempt each base multiple times, aiming for the maximum number of stars possible. It’s important to note that the challenge incorporates the new Bronze and Silver stars system, with the lower builder halls not having a second stage.

Now, let’s dive into the strategies for conquering each stage of the Bonanza Challenge.

Builder Hall 2

The first challenge is relatively easy compared to the later stages. Your primary target is the corner defenses. Deploy Sneaky Archers, placing one on each side to stealthily take down the Cannons. As their ability is about to expire, deploy Raged Barbarians to redirect the defenses’ attention towards them. If any defenses remain, use the remaining Sneaky Archer as backup to eliminate them.

Builder Hall 3

Builder Hall 3 of the Clash of Clans Bonanza Challenge introduces a slight increase in difficulty. You’ll encounter three air-targeting defenses. Your initial objective is to eliminate the Firecracker to create a path for the Beta Minions. Deploy one Sneaky Archer to clear the way on one side, and simultaneously deploy a Giant on the other side to take down the Archer Tower. Accompany the Giant with another Sneaky Archer to deal with the Cannon.

Trigger the Hidden Tesla on the left side with the Sneaky Archer, and once it activates, use the Beta Minions’ ability to destroy it. By doing so, you eliminate all the air-targeting defenses, allowing the Beta Minions to effortlessly clear the rest of the base.

Builder Hall 4

In this stage, the Baby Dragon plays a vital role. Start by triggering the Tesla at the top using the Boxer, followed by deploying the Bomber surrounded by Sneaky Archers. When the Bomber approaches the Archer Tower, activate its ability to clear a path through the walls. You can repeat this ability if necessary.

Wait until the ground troops take down the Firecracker, and then deploy the Baby Dragon on the opposite side of the base. Let the Baby Dragon work its way towards the Archer Tower, and utilize its ability to eliminate the remaining air-targeting defense. Once accomplished, clearing the rest of the base becomes relatively easy.

Builder Hall 5

Builder Hall 5 of the Clash of Clans Bonanza Challenge provides an interesting challenge with the Cannon Cart’s unique ability to outrange certain defenses. Deploy the Cannon Cart on the left side to clear the buildings. Before it falls within range of the Archer Tower, switch it to Mortar Mode, allowing it to eliminate the Archer Tower and nearby Firecrackers. Once the threat is neutralized, switch back to Cannon Mode. Repeat this process near the remaining Firecrackers.

Next, deploy the Battle Machine near the Builder Hall and the Boxer and Bomber near the walls. Activate the Bomber’s ability instantly to clear the walls. Instead of spamming troops, save the Battle Machine’s ability for the final stage. The Baby Dragon, along with your remaining troops, will efficiently clear the base.

Builder Hall 6

Builder Hall 6 presents a two-stage challenge, where surviving troops carry over, providing a significant advantage. Begin with the Battle Machine, Boxer Giants, and Night Witch. Utilize the Night Witch’s ability to unleash as many raged bats as possible, while the Battle Machine focuses on clearing the center of the base.

Deploy two Archers on the left side to trigger the Hidden Tesla, followed by two more Archers on the right side. Avoid saving troops for later stages, as having a higher number of troops increases the chances of quickly finishing the base and saves troops for the subsequent stage. Once you clear the first stage, proceed to the next stage through the cave entrance.

The second stage becomes relatively easy if you have a sufficient number of troops from the previous stage. The Night Witch proves invaluable once again, while the Battle Machine and the unchangeable reinforcement troop, the Boxer Giant, work together to clear almost the entire base. Use abilities strategically as needed, and you’ll be on your way to achieving a 6-star victory.

Builder Hall 7

With the presence of the Drop Ship, the first stage of Builder Hall 7 can be cleared with relative ease, as there are only two Archer Towers. Begin by deploying the Battle Machine to clear the outer area of the base. Simultaneously, deploy Drop Ships to handle the Crushers. As the Archer Tower focuses on the Battle Machine, deploy Minions to eliminate the remaining defenses.

Repeat the same strategy for the second stage, with the Battle Machine targeting one side, particularly to neutralize the Roaster, while Drop Ships and Minions clear the other side. Utilize abilities to counter traps effectively. This stage doesn’t require a complex approach and can be conquered with relative ease.


Builder Hall 8

Builder Hall 8 of the Clash of Clans Bonanza Challenge may appear difficult at first glance. However, the presence of the Power PEKKA makes it manageable. Deploy three PEKKAs, assigning one to each opening, followed by the Battle Machine. It’s crucial to eliminate the Crusher, so activate the Battle Machine’s ability when it’s in close proximity. Deploy Giants next and Barbarians near the Builder Hall to handle the Hidden Teslas.

The second stage poses a minimal threat if you have troops carried over from the previous stage. Begin from the side of the OTTO Hut, allowing the Battle Machine to eliminate the Firecracker. Accompany the Battle Machine with Raged Barbarians. Once the Roaster and Firecracker are neutralized, deploy Minions around the base, followed by the Copter on any side for an easy 6-star victory.

Builder Hall 9

In Builder Hall 9, your primary focus should be on the top side of the base. Deploy the Battle Machine and PEKKA, ensuring they reach the Crusher before activating their abilities. Use Hog Gliders in two separate directions to clear defenses, and deploy one in the center while using the rest from the opposite direction. Surprisingly, this strategy often results in a three-star victory.

In the second stage, troops carried over provide another advantage. Deploy the Battle Copter at the top of the base to eliminate the high-damage Double Cannon, Camps, and Crusher. This action significantly weakens the toughest part of the base. Next, spread out Hog Gliders to clear the remaining defenses, utilizing the Copter’s ability to neutralize Zappies.

Builder Hall 10

The final stage of the Clash of Clans Bonanza Challenge may be the toughest. In the first stage, target two corners with the new Wizard in Electro Mode to trigger its chain and eliminate the X-bow entirely. Once these defenses are cleared, deploy Giants, PEKKA, and the Battle Machine in the top center, focusing on neutralizing the Crusher by activating their abilities.

When your troops approach the Builder Hall, switch the Wizard’s ability to Inferno Mode to increase their attack speed. After clearing the Firecrackers, deploy the Baby Dragon on the left side, targeting the Cannons to swiftly clear the base.

The second stage follows a similar pattern as the previous stages. Begin by deploying the Giant and the Battle Machine to clear the outer portion of the base, with Archers providing support. Once the outer area is cleared, deploy the Wizards in Electro Mode to chain out the defenses inside. Place the Baby Dragon near the Teslas on the right side. The combined efforts of your troops and the reinforcement troops will ultimately secure victory in the challenge.

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