What’s an unpopular Pokemon? Are these Pokemon good for battles? Find out the top 10 least known Pokemon and their stats.

In Pokemon games, players and trainers pick the strongest and legendary Pokemon for battles and raids as these units have the skill to overcome massive attacks and win the battle. Players always recruit the Pokemon with high stats along with movesets. Not many Pokemon are used for battles and these types of Pokemon are least known. Some Pokemon are ignored for their designs and appearances as well.

You can always surprise opposite Pokemon by deploying these least known Pokemon in battles. As trainers prepare for the best Pokemon, these unpopular Pokemon become dark horses in battles. You can defeat a legendary Pokemon with unpopular Pokemon and these types of wins will become history. Here are the top 10 unpopular Pokemon with the best skills and movesets you can use to win raids against legendary and mythical Pokemon.

10 Best Unpopular Pokemon

The Pokédex has thousands of pocket monsters from various generations and regions. Trainers predominantly focus on legendary Pokemon and this automatically leaves out Pokemon with low skills. Unpopular Pokemon are creatures that are not as popular as fans’ favorite units and these Pokemon don’t feature in anime and tcg cards as well. Also, fans dislike these least known Pokemon and never have an inclination towards them. Here are the 10 best and strongest unpopular Pokemon that you can deploy to stun legendary units,



The electric type creature from the Generation 5 is an eel-like Pokemon. Eelektross is known for its defensive skills. The electric type Pokemon paralyzes targets using teeth and unleashes electric shocks. Eelektrik evolves into Eelektross with Thunderstone. Though Eelektross appears in popular games like Pokemon Go, and Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, it’s not celebrated like other Pokemon.


Pokemon Raichu, the evolution of Pikachu is underrated and unpopular. Raichu is an electric type Pokemon and holds the best stats when compared to its pre-evolution. As Pikachu has been a fan favorite over the years, Raichu has become the least known Pokemon, yet it is a strong attacker in the game. Raichu will be a good defender in strong attacking teams.

Unpopular Pokemon


The greeny spider-like creature has earned the hate of Pokemon fans for its appearance. Spidops is a gen 9 Pokemon and an evolution of Tarountula. The bug type unit is effective in PvP raids and plays the attacking role. Pokemon fans have always hated Spidops for its uncanny features.


Pokemon Jynx appeared in anime series and classic Pokemon games like Red and Blue, Gold & Silver. Jynx design has been the talk ever since its debut. Fans across the world have debated and discussed about Jynx’s appearance and compared it to a ghost. After widespread hate, Jynx reappeared with a different design. Jynx is a Gen 1 Psychic and Ice type Pokemon and excels in Sp. ATK.


Floatzel is a Generation 4 water type Pokemon. Fans have disliked Floatzel for its poor battle skills. Floatzel resembles a squirrel and this Sea Weasel Pokemon has a unique design and it’s loved by some fans. With its movesets and hidden ability, Floatzel can be the best counter against fire and grass type units.


Pokemon Delibird, the angry bird Pokemon is known for sharing food to friends and chicks. Delibird looks cute and this Ice and Flying type Pokemon has been ignored for its poor stats and vulnerability against attacks. Delibird is strong in attacking and it is still a good counter for PvP raids in the game.


Pokemon Magikarp evolves into Gyarados and this water type Pokemon doesn’t get much hype because of the  prowess of its evolution form. Magikarp spawns in regions where water flows and this fish-like creature becomes powerful in its final evolution.


Trubbish has been the most hated Pokemon for its poor design. However the poison type Pokemon has evolved stronger with better moves and strategies. Over the years, fans have started liking Trubbish over its evolution form, Garbador. Trubbish has had better stats in five-star raids and the unpopular Pokemon has become the favorite for many fans.


Kabuto is a Rock and Water type Pokemon. It’s also one of the Fossil Pokemon resurrected from a Dome Fossil. Kabuto resembles a mushroom and it also looks like a crab. Kabuto has not been used for battles because of its weaker movesets. But the rock and water type Pokemon has been a good defender in games like Red and Blue.


Pokemon Delphox, the fire and psychic type Pokemon from Generation 6 is a least known Pokemon. Delphox has always been placed in the bottom of tier lists, but the Pokemon has special skills that will leave burn marks on the ground and burn targets slowly. Delphox controls flames telekinetically and traps enemies in a vortex.

These 10 Unpopular Pokemon have been liked and disliked by fans. You can check out Pokemon units like pokeballs and some interesting facts about Umbreon Pokemon.


What’s an Unpopular Pokemon?

Pokemon that are least known to fans are always unpopular. These Pokemon have either weaker stats or their designs/appearances are bad and these make them to be disliked and hated by fans.

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