Are Regional Variants Pokemon Better Than The Original Pokemon?

Can Regional variants of Pokemon fight better than original Pokemon forms? Which Pokemon form is the strongest? Scroll down and find everything.

In Pokemon games, there are tons of features and mechanics. Understanding the concepts of Pokemon games is as challenging as completing battles in the game. The Pokemon featured in Pokedex belong to different regions, elemental types and have evolution forms as well. Trainers can unlock Pokemon by catching them in the wild, completing events and spending resources. A Pokemon evolves into different forms. Pokemon that have multiple evolution forms are known as branched evolution. 

Some Pokemon migrate from their home region and spawns in other regions in different forms and these are called regional variants. Original Pokemon variants don’t change their home and they stay in a single region throughout their journeys, but these regional forms of Pokemon keep changing their forms and types. Regional forms have Pokemon from the same species, but their original identity and forms will change. Here’s all about original forms and regional variants of Pokemon.

Original Pokemon vs Regional Variants Pokemon 

When an original Pokemon becomes a Regional Variant, it will change its type. A normal type Pokemon will become a bug type, an electric Pokemon transforms as a grass type and some regional variants become a dual-type Pokemon as well. Some Pokemon have more than two regional forms and there are 50+ Regional Variants in the Pokedex.

regional variants Pokemon
Regional Pokemon

Some players say the regional variants are better than original Pokemon and some say the opposite. But one can come to a conclusion by comparing stats of Pokemon in both forms. As of now, regional forms of Pokemon are available in major regions like Paldea, Hisuian, Galar and Alola. The regional variants concept was first introduced in generation 7 of Pokemon.

Even the appearances of regional Pokemon forms will be different and their behaviour also changes in the new environment. But these will not impact the skills and performances of Pokemon in different regions. Also, a regional Pokemon will not migrate after landing in another region.

Both regional and original Pokemon forms are stronger and can be used for raids and events. To find out which Pokemon is the strongest among Regional and Original forms, you have to compare their base stats, weather boost and movesets. These will indicate which form of a Pokemon is better. 

Best Regional Pokemon

Alolan Rattata

There are some powerful Regional Pokemon in all 4 regions. Here are the two best regional variants of Pokemon from each region,

  • Alola – Alolan Rattata, Alolan Vulpix
  • Galar – Galarian Meowth, Galarian Rapidash
  • Hisui – Hisuian Growlithe, Hisuian Electrode
  • Paldea – Paldean Wooper, Paldean Taurus

Which Regional Pokemon Have Multiple Forms?

Just like multiple evolution, some Pokemon in Pokedex have multi regional forms. Meowth has multiple regions and it spawns in Galar and Alola. Tauros has three forms in the Paldea region. These regional Pokemon have different types, skills and boosts. Tauros is one of the best regional Pokemon variants of all time.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Regional variants, original forms and multiple regional Pokemon forms. The secrets of Goodra Pokemon will surely surprise you.


Can Regional Pokemon Be Shiny?

Yes, regional Pokemon forms can be shiny just like the regular Pokemon variants.

Can regional Pokemon be Dual-type?

Yes, most of regional Pokemon forms belong to the dual-type Pokemon category.

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