Is Zoroark the best Speedster in Pokemon Unite? How to get the best build for Zoroark in Pokemon Unite? Find out everything.

Finding a top meta team for Pokemon Unite ranked battles increases ranks easily. With top All-Rounders, Attackers and Speedsters, you can unleash the best teams. Zoroark, the melee Speedster is one of the best units for all battles. Zoroark evolves from level 1 of Zorua and is a strong meta unit. With the tier list, you can unlock the top-tier units to your party.

A Speedster increases the scoring rate for a Pokemon and it can be good for ranged battles. Zoroark moves faster and attacks harder. With the top moves and battle items, Zoroark increases your opportunity in battles. With the best build, you can increase the endurance, scoring and support stats for Zoroark. Here’s all about the Pokemon Unite Zoroark build, counters and moves.

Pokemon Unite Zoroark Build & Moves

Pokemon unite Zoroark build

Movesets are primary skills for Pokemon. In Pokemon Unite, every tank gets several abilities. Here are the top moves for Zoroark,

  • Illusion – Zoroark takes the wild form or Pokemon from the opposite team 
  • Shadow Claw – The Pokemon dashes forward and inflicts heavy damage
  • Night Slash – The movement becomes a dash attack for a short time. The basic attack becomes a special boosted basic attack
  • Nightfall Daze – Releases these dark shock waves with increased areas of effect and deals massive damage

Best Battle Items for Pokemon Unite Zoroark

Battle Items are available once you reach new rank levels. With the best battle items, you can get the powerful Zoroark build to compete in the Pokemon Unite ranked battles,

  • Goal-Getter – This battle item doubles the scoring rate throughout the combat
  • Potion – Zoroark’s hp gets increased for a short time
  • X Attack – This battle item increases the atk and Sp.Atk

Best Held Items for Pokemon Unite Zoroark


Held items are used to unlock bonus effects. The top 3 held items for Zoroark are,

  • Assault Vest – Grants a shield while receiving a sp.atk. The held item also increases hp and sp.def
  • Score Shield – Protects while scoring a goal and it cannot be interrupted
  • Float Stone – Movement Speed increases while out of a game. It also increases Attack for the Pokemon

Zoroark Counters in Pokemon Unite

Here are the top and worst counters for Zoroark in battles,

  • Zoroark’s Strength Counters – Gardevoir, Alolan Ninetales, Blissey, Glaceon 
  • Zoroark’s Weak Counters – Espeon, Leafeon, Talonflame, Pikachu

With the best Zoroark build, you can unleash your full potential in the ranked battles. Pokemon with the best winning rates are always effective.


How to Unlock Battle Items in Pokemon Unite?

You can unlock Battle Items by increasing trainer ranks. In Pokemon Unite, new battle items are unlocked as you increase trainer rank levels. Also, some battle items can be unlocked through special events in the game.

Is Zoroark a Legendary Pokemon?

No, Zoroark is not a legendary Pokemon. It’s a non-mythical Pokemon that excels in Attacking with the highest speed and scoring rate.

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