This Pokemon Unite Metagross Build is Unstoppable! Here’s Why!

Are you looking for the best Metagross build in Pokemon Unite? Find out the strongest moves, counters and held items.

Pokemon Unite is an enthralling multiplayer battle game with exciting features and game modes. Be it the Ranked, Standard, Or Custom battles, the strongest all-rounders and attackers get you the best teams. Metagross is an evolution Pokemon and a raging all-rounder in the game. Metagross is a melee All-Rounder and one of the strongest offensive units in the game. Also, find the tips to unlock Miraidon Pokemon. 

A Pokemon’s best build comprises top movesets, held items and the fiery battle items as well. As you reach new ranks and unlock more levels, you will get all battle items in the game. Metagross is strong in both attacking and defense. Here’s all about Pokemon Unite Metagross build, moves, counters and battle items.

What are the best moves for Metagross?

Pokemon unite meta gross build

Movesets are primary skills in Pokemon Unite. You can tap them and unlock its bonus effects and score goals easily. Here are the recommended abilities for Metagross,

  • Clear Body – Hindrance effects will reduce when your Pokemon goes near the opposite Pokemon.
  • Iron Defense – The buff skill grants a shield and changes the basic attack to a boosted attack
  • Meteor Mash – Use your first to charge power and deal a massive damage to enemies in the area of effect
  • Gyro Ball – Spins quickly and deals damage to opposite Pokemon
  • Zen Headbutt – Fires a psychic wave in the forward direction and pierces through targets and drains their powers
  • Magnet – With electrically generated magnetism, the Pokemon goes aerial and moves faster. While the skill is active, you can deal damage and throw opposing Pokemon
  • Compute and Crush – Allows the Pokemon to quickly analyze the position of targets and grants a shield. You can knock out targets with this units move to recover their unite move gauge

Top 3 Battle items for Metagross

  • Goal-Getter – This battle item doubles the scoring rate for Metagross and is the best battle item considering its weakness
  • Slow Smoke – Releases cloud of smoke effects and reduces the mobility for opposite Pokemon
  • Eject Button – Moves your Pokemon to the designated position of quickly

What are the best Held Items for Metagross?

In Pokemon Unite, there are plenty of held items for every unit. Here are the best 3 held items for Metagross,

  • Energy Amplifier – Whenever Metagross uses its unite move, it will inflict heavy damage for a long time
  • Score Shield – A Shield will be activated when Metagross tries to score a goal
  • Rocky Helmet – This held item deals damage to enemies once your Pokemon takes damage

Best and Worst Counters for Pokemon Unite Metagross

  • Metagross’ Strong Counters – Cinderace, Goodra, Crustle
  • Metagross’ Poor Counters – Comfey, Blissey, Mr. Mime, Dodrio

That’s everything you need to know about getting the best build for Metagross in Pokemon Unite. Dominate battles with these Pokemon with the best win rate.


How to Get Battle Items in Pokemon Unite?

You can unlock Battle Items by increasing trainer ranks. In Pokemon Unite, new battle items are unlocked as you increase trainer rank levels. Also, some battle items can be unlocked through special events in the game.

Is Getting the best build for Metagross in Pokemon Unite Possible?

A powerful build is possible with the top-tier moves, held items and abilities. Metagross is an S-ranked all-rounder and you can easily unlock its best build.

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