Are you struggling to fix the Pokemon Sleep error 025200 code? Check out the best solutions to fix this performance issue.

Pokemon Sleep is an exciting adventure game where players have to sleep, unlock new sleeping styles and progress in the campaign with the Snorlax. As you keep creating new records, you can unlock new Pokemon with unique sleeping styles. Snorlax’s strength and powers can be increased with berries, desserts and sandwiches. 

Be it a short nap or a long sleep, it counts. Pokemon Sleep is all about sleeping and feeding with the Snorlax. Players of Pokemon Sleep have been experiencing lots of bugs and error codes. These technical issues will stop the progress and take you to the home screen whenever Snorlax eats berries. Pokemon Sleep error code 025200 is a performance issue and can be sorted in multiple ways.

Steps to Fix the Pokemon Sleep Error Code 025200 

Pokemon sleep error 025200
Snorlax Pokemon

Once you feed berries to the Snorlax Pokemon, it takes you to the home title screen page on Pokemon Sleep app with an error code 25200. This performance issue bug can be cleared easily. Here’s how to fix Pokemon Sleep error code 025200,

  • Click on the menu button on the title screen
  • Tap clear cache and fix the error code

Players who get berries, dishes and other ingredients will receive this error code. Deploy these steps and fix 25200 error code in Pokemon Sleep and continue your progress. The other option for players is to submit a ticket to the technical team and fix the issue promptly.

25200 error code is an internal or server bug in Pokemon Sleep. For some players, it’s cleared after clearing cache and others have resolved it automatically. Also, you can update the Pokemon Sleep app to fix this issue.

The new Raikou Research event is live in the game. Players get an opportunity to catch the Legendary Raikou Pokemon along with its Mane and biscuits. Weekly missions are also available in the Raikou Research event that allows players to catch the electric-type Pokemon and new sleeping styles.

That’s everything you need to know about the best ways to clear  Pokemon Sleep error code 025200. With the best salad recipes, you can increase the powers for Snorlax.


Is Pokemon Sleep a Good Game?

Pokemon Sleep is a unique sleep-tracking app and this unique simulation game is available for Android and iOS. Pokemon Sleep is a single-player adventure game where players have to sleep, raise snorlax and create new records to unlock new sleeping styles.

Are Salads Good in Pokemon Sleep?

In Pokemon Sleep, salad is one of the best cooking recipes for snorlax. Salads raise snorlax levels, improves sleep, unlocks new sleeping styles and grants more buffs. Along with Salads, you can craft curries and desserts as well.

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