The Skyforge Berserker guide has some of the best tips and tricks that will help you to get stronger in the game and take down enemies easily.

The Berserker class in Skyforge is a melee damage dealer class that focuses on doing a lot of damage to enemies with two-handed weapons and a rage mechanic. Berserkers are able to deal with huge groups of enemies at once and are famous for their great damage output and resilience.

You will have access to a number of potent attacks as a Berserker that can be used to attack enemies. These attacks range from single-target blows to cleave attacks that strike several enemies simultaneously, as well as skills that afflict or weaken enemies. So how to use the Berserker class and what more benefits will you get? To learn everything, read the Skyforge Berserker guide below that has the best tips and tricks for you.


Skyforge Berserker Guide: Rage mechanic

As the Berserker class deals and takes damage, they build up rage points. As the Berserker builds up rage points, they can use them to activate special abilities that can deal significant damage or provide other benefits. One of the key aspects of the Berserker’s rage mechanic is that as the Berserker builds up more rage points, he or she becomes more powerful.

For example, the Berserker’s basic attack will deal more damage as they build up more rage points, and they will also gain access to more powerful abilities as they reach higher rage thresholds. A Berserker’s rage mechanic is an integral part of their playstyle, and it requires careful management to maximize its potential. 

By dealing as much damage as possible, and taking as much damage as possible without dying, you can maximize your rage generation. Using your rage points wisely will help you turn the tide of battle by saving them for key moments or activating powerful abilities. In short, the Berserker’s rage mechanic is a key part of their playstyle, and once you master it, you can play very effectively in the game. 

Focus on single target damage

The Berserker class excels at dealing high amounts of single target damage, so try to focus on taking down important enemies one at a time.

Use your defensive abilities

While the Berserker is a damage dealer, they also have a number of defensive abilities at their disposal, including Fervor and Barge. Use these abilities to absorb or mitigate damage and stay in the fight longer.

Skyforge Berserker Guide: Debuffs

In Skyforge, the Berserker class has a number of skills that can give debuffs to enemies, which can be useful in combat. The debuffs that the Berserker uses frequently do damage gradually, such as Bleed and Poison, which can progressively reduce an enemy’s health. As the debuffs will cause damage even if the Berserker’s basic strikes are insufficient to kill an enemy, this could be particularly useful against enemies with high health.

Vulnerability and Weakness are two debuffs that can lower an enemy’s resistance to specific types of damage. The Berserker and their allies will find it simpler to deliver damage to the afflicted enemy as a result. The damage that an enemy deals can be reduced by certain of the Berserker’s debuffs, such as Slow and Weaken. This can serve to lessen the total amount of damage the other team is able to deal with, which can increase the chances of survival for the Berserker and their allies.


Stay mobile

Barge is one of the Berserker’s movement abilities that can help you stay mobile and avoid enemy attacks. Try to utilize your mobility to your advantage and stay on the move.

When playing the Berserker effectively, you need to manage your rage, concentrate on single target damage, and utilize your defensive abilities and debuffs effectively. Generally, the Berserker class is an impressive class in Skyforge, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage and battling large groups of enemies simultaneously. Follow the Skyforge Berserker guide carefully so that you can become stronger.

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