Skyforge Alchemist Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

If you are playing or want to play with the Alchemist class in Skyforge then you must be following the Skyforge Alchemist guide.

It is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Players take part in the game as immortal beings called “Aelions,” which defend their world from a variety of threats set in a sci-fi/fantasy world. In addition to PvP arenas and battlegrounds, the game offers a range of PvE activities, including story-driven campaigns, dungeons, and raids. 

To earn rewards and advance through the game’s progression system, players can also take part in a variety of activities and events. There are classes in Skyforge from which you have to choose one. Each class has its own unique abilities and playstyle, which players can choose from in Skyforge. Alchemist is one of the classes and if you want to play with Alchemist more effectively then you will need the Skyforge Alchemist guide. 


Skyforge Alchemist Guide: Good for support

The Alchemist support class in Skyforge focuses on using alchemical brews and elixirs to heal teammates and damage enemies. Alchemists can use their chemistry expertise to produce bombs and other explosives that they can employ to harm enemies or benefit allies.

Good healing abilities

The Alchemist’s main responsibility as a support class is to give their allies healing and other helpful skills. They can do single target heals, group heals, and HoTs, among other healing maneuvers (heals over time). They may also inflict debuffs to foes and remove debuffs from allies. Alchemists are able to help their teammates with a variety of utility skills in addition to their healing powers. These skills can be used to shock enemies, speed up teammates’ movement, or perform other beneficial effects.

Use your Alchemy Jug to apply debuffs to enemies and support allies

The Alchemist can infuse enemies with a range of debuffs, including poison and acid, which can hurt them over time and lower their resistance to specific types of damage. Additionally, allies can get benefits from the Alchemy Jug, such as a heal over time effect.

Skyforge Alchemist Guide: Make use of your mobility

The Alchemist features a number of mobility skills, including the capacity to dash and teleport, that can be used to swiftly change position on the battlefield. This can let you get into a better position for attacks or to run away from danger.

Mobility skills can also be used to get past an opponent’s defenses and launch a surprise attack. This is particularly helpful for eliminating enemy targets that are more difficult to strike from the front. Mobility skills can also be used to engage in or leave a battle. For example, you can swiftly bridge the gap and launch an attack with a dash or teleport ability, or you might use it to flee if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Pay attention to your positioning

In Skyforge, the Alchemist should normally stand apart from enemies because they are a ranged class. This allows you to stay safe and deal damage with your long-ranged strikes.

However, it’s crucial to be aware of your surroundings and ensure you have a secure escape path in case something goes wrong. Additionally, you have to think about where your allies are positioned and try to place yourself so that you can effectively help them. To attack enemies from a safe distance while still supporting your tank teammates, for instance, you might want to go behind them if your tank allies are actively attacking enemies close up.

Finding a position that minimizes your danger of attack while still letting you deal damage and help your teammates is generally the most crucial step. Try out several positions to see which suits your playstyle the best.


Use combos

  • Apply poison to enemies using your Alchemy Jug, then use your Acid Rain ability to deliver more damage over time. Because the poison and acid progressively deplete an enemy’s health, this combination could be particularly effective against enemies with high health.
  • Apply a heal-over-time effect to allies with your Alchemy Jug, then use your Aura of Restoration ability to quickly and thoroughly heal allies in the area. In challenging battles, this combination can be very helpful for keeping your allies alive.
  • Apply poison or acid debuffs to enemies using your Alchemy Jug, then use your Acid Rain ability to deliver more damage over time. Due to the fact that the debuffs will impact every enemy in a group and the Acid Rain will cause more damage, this combo could be extremely powerful against groups of enemies.
  • When in danger, use your teleportation or dash skills to get to safety as fast as possible, then use your Aura of Restoration skill to partially recover your health. This combination can be extremely helpful for avoiding danger and partially regaining your health.

Overall, the Alchemist class is a very valuable option in Skyforge due to their ability to provide healing and support to their allies. Follow the Skyforge Alchemist guide properly and you will become stronger.

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