If you are having problems with playing Second Extinction, do not worry. We are here with a Second Extinction Beginner’s Guide with 10 tips and tricks to help you. 

Second Extinction is all about using your hybrid firearms to kill ravenous dinosaurs. The continuous waves of savage dinosaurs that keep coming at you until you’re cut to bits may make it seem challenging at times. They don’t allow you much room to unwind. However, we’ve included some pointers in our beginner’s guide that will help you get a better hold of the game.

Players must ensure that they have enough time set aside to fully enjoy the game. Missions will reward players generously depending on the number of accolades received, the number of dinosaurs slain, and the number of tasks fulfilled.

To advance, one must put in the necessary man-hours to harvest resources and update equipment. In terms of in-game missions, you can finish them independently. However, it has the potential to make the game very tough and irritating. To kill these animals, you should always bring some pals or join a random lobby. It simply adds to the enjoyment of the game.

Second Extinction Beginner’s Guide: Before picking up new items, finish the ones you have

This is a tough habit to break since, after clearing an area of foes, everyone’s initial instinct is to scan the area for the hard-won riches. Consider it a hint for maximizing item utilization efficiency. Spending an hour on the map with supplies running low may be frightening, especially since a dino encounter might go tragically wrong at any moment. It’s better to be ready for anything at all times and to appropriately cycle things and reserves. After all, this is a survival game.

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Second Extinction Beginner’s Guide: Prioritize The Watchers

In Second Extinction, there is a gigantic raptor-like dinosaur known as “The Watcher.” When you come across one, kill him as soon as possible because if you don’t, he’ll send a swarm of his lesser companions to combat you. For that, go after the Spitters to take down the ranged danger that may cause massive damage over time. When you come across one, the character who senses it initially will say something along the lines of “a Watcher is nearby.” 

The dinosaurs aren’t just brainless pixels in need of a good assault rifle spray, as players will shortly discover. There are several that are designed to prolong fights and cause annoyance through poke damage and crowd management.

Second Extinction Beginner’s Guide: Customize weapons

Second Extinction Beginner's Guide
Second Extinction (Image credit: Steam)

Weapons in this game may be customized in a variety of ways, from SMGs to mini-guns. To spice up the dino massacre, players can ultimately add elemental attacks like poison, lightning, and fire.

It’s crucial to know, though, that certain dinosaurs have been modified with the same materials and will be particularly resistant to weapons of the same sort when assaulted. On solo runs, it’s best to avoid equipping numerous weapons with the same element.

Second Extinction Beginner’s Guide: Character selection

In Second Extinction, you may pick from four different characters. We recommend choosing the character that best fits your playstyle.

Second Extinction Beginner's Guide
Second Extinction (Image credit: Steam)


Rosy is the best choice if you want to play the strong attack style. Her default weapon is a Minigun, which spins like a hot knife through butter and slices through hordes of dinosaurs. She can also give you a defensive boost and help you regenerate your health. She can also set up electric fences to hold adversaries at bay while using her minigun to annihilate them.


If you prefer a slash-and-dash style of play, Ortega is the way to go. She possesses a peculiar dash ability that allows her to leap in the direction of motion, something that other characters do not have. She also has a unique perk called “Combat High,” which may be activated once the damage meter has been depleted. It puts her in a heightened battle condition and increases her rate of fire once triggered. As long as she’s inflicting damage to an adversary, she can stay in this state.


Jürgen is your man if you enjoy stealth or long-range warfare. His primary weapon is the Scout Rifle, which has a large range and can do a lot of damage to foes. His “low profile ability” allows him to perform sneak strikes on his opponents, and while crouching or still for a short period, he becomes incredibly difficult to detect. He has the ability to use Satchel Charges, which do massive damage and are excellent for crowd control. In addition, his unique ability “Mask Scent” may cause adversaries to get disoriented while he moves away.


Last but not least, Amir is a really solid all-rounder if you want the best of all the other characters. The Grenade Launcher is his primary weapon, and it’s ideal for swiftly shifting the tide in your favor. His skills aren’t the flashiest, but they’re the most effective.

He may efficiently serve the squad by providing equipment boxes to fellow teammates so that they can heal when required. His orbital observation also illuminates any nearby foes, avoiding ambushes. He may also use a precise attack to thin out a throng or take down a large foe.

Second Extinction Beginner's Guide
Second Extinction (Image credit: Steam)

Second Extinction Beginner’s Guide: You need to master hero

The many characters differ not just in appearance, but also terms of weaponry, talents, and attributes. It’s OK to test them all out at first, but players are best off selecting one and sticking with it. Ortega is a good choice for those who are mechanically inclined since her kit focuses heavily on churning out DPS from her primary weapon. Every character in this team-based game has incredible potential, and it’s up to the player to bring it out.

Second Extinction Beginner’s Guide: Use Amir In Co-Op

Amir is the support class, and while he isn’t the prettiest character in the game, the devs took care to give him some fantastic powers to make playing Amir a pleasant experience.

He can scout locations for opponents, giving the team an advantage in more difficult terrain, and he can call down a “Hammer of Dawn” orbital strike that converts dinosaurs into quick barbeque. But be aware of his lack of survivability, since he possesses the game’s lowest health pool.

Second Extinction Beginner’s Guide: Complete objectives

There are a variety of extra missions and side activities that can help you earn more money and obtain more riches. Keep an eye out for drones and shoot them down if you come across one. After that, you may grab its black box, which will indicate items of importance on the map, such as supply containers and camps, that you can destroy. These small extracurricular activities add up to a lot of treasure, Research Points, and an excellent star rating after the quest.

Second Extinction Beginner’s Guide: Focus on weak points

Second Extinction Beginner's Guide
Second Extinction (Image credit: Steam)

In Second Extinction, nearly all the large dinosaurs have a weak area where they are particularly vulnerable. These areas can be targeted for efficient damage and quick deaths. The blue hue highlights the weak points.

These aren’t simple targets, but they’re worth pursuing when the opportunity arises. The smaller ones can be quickly killed by pumping lead into them or blowing them up with a grenade launcher, but the larger ones can endure a lot more damage, thus targeting the weak points is only reasonable and important.

Second Extinction Beginner’s Guide: Loadouts

Before being dropped onto the area, players, and their squads can fill a limited number of equipment loadout slots, which is an important aspect of the survival experience. Coordination of these item builds with the team may make or break a mission’s success.

The most critical piece of advice here is to be adaptable and not fall in love with a particular loadout at the expense of the team’s greatest loadout. Because supplies will undoubtedly become an issue in higher-level zones, make sure your team has ammunition and item drops somewhere in their arsenal.

Second Extinction Beginner’s Guide: Dogging the attacks

Second Extinction Beginner's Guide
Second Extinction (Image credit: Steam)

Like every other game with enormous adversaries wandering about, the dinosaurs in this game have precise attack patterns and moves built into them. In this game, it may be tempting to get up close and personal and mow down the enemies, but one should protect their health pool.

Kite your opponents away from you and fire from a safe distance. Make full use of the seven-direction leap dodge mechanism, and concentrate on the dinosaur’s striking patterns. It’s also possible to jump dodge while healing, which is something that players will have to perform in the heat of combat.

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