Can you catch a Scatterbug in Pokemon Go? Does Scatterbug evolve into Vivillon? Find out everything about the bug-type Pokemon.

Hunting Pokemon in Pokemon Go is done in different ways. Although the predominant ways are to catch Pokemon in the wild, hatch them from eggs and complete five-star raids. Some Pokemon spawn during events and spotlight hour. There are some Pokemon that can be caught in a totally different way. Scatterbug, the bug-type Pokemon can only be caught with postcards.

Postcards are gifts from friends and you can unlock them from all regions in Pokemon Go. Also, you can spin Pokestops and Pokegyms to collect postcards. By pinning postcards, you can unlock a Scatterbug along with its evolution as well. Here’s all about Pokemon Go Scatterbug encounter, evolution and more.

Pokemon Go Scatterbug, Vivillon Patterns

Scatterbug evolution Pokemon Go

Scatterbug evolves into Spewpa which again evolves into Vivillon. Pokemon Go players can directly encounter Vivillon by finding all Vivillon patterns from different regions of UK, New Zealand, India and Australia. Vivillon patterns in Pokémon Go are available in Jungle, Meadow, Polar, River, Savanna, Tundra, Ice Snow and Sun. Collecting all Vivillon patterns will also help you complete the Vivillon Collection.

Players have to own three postcards. In Pokemon Go, you can earn postcards as gifts from friends. These Postcards are available in Postcard Book from your Gifts. But the best way is to spin gyms and Pokèstops to collect postcards. You can pin these postcards and encounter Scatterbug in the wild.

How to Evolve Scatterbug in Pokemon Go?

Scatterbug evolves into Spewpa with 25 candies and Spewpa evolves into Vivillon with 100 candies. But when you counter a Scatterbug with postcards, you can use the Vivillon medal and directly catch a Vivillon from one of the available 18 regions. The Vivillon habitat screen will show patterns from all regions and you can proceed to select one. The evolution of Pokemon Go Scatterbug is strange and unique.

Is Scatterbug Good in Pokemon Go?


Scatterbug is a regular bug-type Pokemon and it has different evolution forms as well. Scatterbug is good for PvP raids in the game as the Pokemon doesn’t have much skills for ultra leagues or great league battles. Scatterbug doesn’t have a shiny form and it gets boosted by rain weather.

Pokemon Go Spewpa vs Vivillon – Which is Powerful?

Though Scatterbug is not stronger, its evolution forms have been good. Spewpa is another bug-type Pokemon and it’s an excellent defender. Vivillon, the final form of Scatterbug has 18 patterns and is one of the best all-rounders in the game. Vivillon is a lethal Pokemon and can be used for all leagues and raids in Pokemon Go.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Scatterbug evolution, Vivillon patterns, shiny forms and collections.


How to Unlock Pokemon Go Candy?

Candy is an in-game resource and currency in Pokemon Go. Trainers can earn unlimited candies by completing PvP raids, boss raids and five-star battles. Using berries to catch Pokemon doubles candies and you can evolve Pokemon to get more candies. With candies, you can evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Catching Pokemon is the best method to farm candies.

Can you Catch Vivillon in the Wild?

No, Vivillon doesn’t spawn in the wild. Pokemon Go trainers can pin postcards or spend candies ok Scatterbug to unlock a Vivillon Pokemon.

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