Facing problems while crafting in Riders of Icarus? Do not worry, our Riders of Icarus crafting guide will help you out.

Riders of Icarus is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was developed by WeMade Entertainment and published by Nexon. The game features a wide range of mounts, including dragons, griffins, and other mythical beasts, each with its own unique abilities and characteristics. 

The ability to craft and improve tools and equipment that can advance a player’s progress in the game is a key component of Riders of Icarus. 

It is possible to craft a variety of items from resources obtained from gathering or monster drops. Therefore, here is the Riders of Icarus Crafting Guide that will explain everything about crafting. 


Riders of Icarus Crafting Guide: Types

There are six crafting categories: Weapon Crafting, Armor Crafting, Jewelry Crafting, Familiar Research, Alchemy, and Cooking. Upon reaching Hakain’s Crossing, the player has access to all six categories of crafting, including powerful equipment or familiar marks for a variety of highly desirable familiars.

Weapon Crafting

Every type of weapon is available regardless of the player’s class. Weapon Crafting requires a Weapon Anvil to create weapons. Minerals are used in weapon crafting to make diverse weapons. Ingots are the primary resource in weapon recipes.

Armor Crafting

Minerals are also used in armor crafting, but instead of ingots, alloys are used. Similarly to Weapon Crafting, all classes can craft all types of armor. This includes seven pieces: helm, shoulders, armor, gloves, shoes, shields (for guardians), and crests (for priests). An armor anvil is necessary for armor crafting.

Jewelry Crafting

Jewelry Crafting is the category that players should turn to if they are interested in making necklaces and rings. The Jewelry Crafting uses minerals, turning them into a powder so they can make accessories. To craft jewelry, the player must be nearby a Jewelry Table.

Barder Crafting

Barder Crafting produces armor for all tamed familiars and provides the resources required to try to tame several potent familiars. A bardercraft table is necessary for barder crafting.


To create effective potions to restore Health and Mana as well as potions to restore a familiar’s stamina, alchemists use herbs and mushrooms. The player can create these potions in an alchemy lab.


Players can use hunting and gathering ingredients to cook delectable dishes that can restore health over time and even give them stat bonuses. Players must be near a Cook Station in order to begin cooking.

Riders of Icarus Crafting Guide: How to craft

It is first necessary for the player to find the ingredients they need once they have decided on what they want to craft. You can find many ingredients in the field and from monsters, but some can be purchased from a crafting merchant. Press “Craft” after you have assembled all the ingredients to begin crafting the item.

The ingredients will be removed after the crafting is successful, and the crafted item will be placed in the player’s inventory, along with experience toward their skill level. With a triumphant craft, a player gets twice the amount of items crated and twice the amount of experience a player gets with a single craft.

How to level up crafting

A certain number of items must be mastered to level up crafting. Each item has a Skill Level of 1 and can be crafted up to a maximum level of 5 (aka mastered). As each craft is completed, it earns one experience point (with triumphant crafting granting two), and the amount of experience required to advance depends on the level and item.

In order to advance their crafting skills in the game, players must master a certain number of items within their current crafting level. Once they have done so, they can speak with the relevant crafting instructor in Hakain’s Crossing to level up their skill, which requires a fee. Higher crafting levels unlock the ability to craft stronger items, but these will require rarer materials and more crafting efforts to master. 

There are currently a total of four stages in each crafting category, and the cost to move from one stage to the next is 20 silver for stage 2, 50 silver for stage 3, 1 gold for stage 4, and 10 gold for stage 5.


To maximize your efficiency and minimize costs in crafting, it is important to focus on crafting items that require fewer materials, especially those that are rare or more expensive. By prioritizing items that use less costly materials, you can stretch your resources further and save expenses in the long run. However, it’s also important to consider the value of the items you are crafting and whether they are likely to sell well on the market or be useful to you in your gameplay. Striking a balance between cost and value is key to maximizing your crafting efforts.

Keep in mind

As it allows players to create and improve gear and equipment that can help in game progression, crafting is a crucial component of Riders of Icarus. Players must acquire resources, understand recipes, and use the right tools in order to craft effectively. 

The crafting system can be difficult to understand and calls for a solid grasp of the game’s fundamentals and resource availability. Crafting skills will also need time and practice. However, players can develop their crafting skills and open up new abilities as they go through the game with patience and the appropriate strategies. Follow the Riders of Icarus Crafting Guide properly and you will become an expert in crafting.

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