Have you heard about the Lost Ark Trusted Status? Want to know what it is and how to get it? Read this article till the end.

The players found it simple to send gifts and trade items with other players. Online scammers and bots were attempting to defraud honest players, which was an issue. In Lost Ark, there is a “Trusted Status” that allows players to trade items and send gifts to other players safely. 

A Trusted Status, which is given by the game’s creators, is necessary for players to use this feature. This upgrade was probably intended to stop bots and scammers from harming other players through gift and trade exchanges.


In order to obtain a Trusted Status in Lost Ark, players may need to fulfill specific conditions imposed by the game’s creators. These prerequisites could include things like confirming their account, acting honorably in the game, or making a specific amount of progress. To know everything about the Lost Ark Trusted Status, read this article till the end.

How to get Lost Ark Trusted Status?

To be recognized as a Trusted player on Steam in Lost Ark, you must make a purchase of at least $5 or add that amount to your Steam Wallet. This requirement has been put in place by game developers in order to reduce the risk of scams and fraud by bots and other players during in-game trades and exchanges. Once you have achieved Trusted Status, you can initiate trades and exchanges with greater confidence and peace of mind.

If players do not meet the requirements for Lost Ark Trusted Status, they may be limited in their access to certain social and economic systems in the game. This means that they may not be able to participate in certain activities that are available to Trusted players, such as player-to-player trades, exchange of Royal Crystals for Gold, sending mail with attachments in the game, and sending gifts in-game.

Keep in mind

In order to enjoy these perks, players may need to fulfill the requirements for Lost Ark Trusted Status, which may involve making a purchase or adding a certain amount to their Steam Wallet. It is worth noting that the specific requirements for Trusted Status and the perks that are available to Trusted players may vary depending on the version of the game and the region in which it is played.

Sending gifts to friends
Sending gifts to friends

So this was everything you needed to know about Lost Ark Trusted Status.

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