Want to know how to craft a vehicle, what are its features, and more? Take a look at the Dual Universe Vehicle Guide below.

As a means of transportation and exploration, vehicles play an important role in the Dual Universe. In addition to allowing players to travel quickly and efficiently around the game world, they can also serve a variety of other purposes, such as mining, construction, and combat. Dual Universe features a variety of vehicles, including ground vehicles, aircraft, and spacecraft, each of which has its own unique features and capabilities.

It is common for vehicles to be specialized for particular tasks, while others may serve a more general purpose. Players can also use vehicles as a source of pride and personal expression, in addition to their practical uses. In addition to spending a lot of time and resources collecting and crafting different types of vehicles, many players enjoy customizing and decorating them. The Dual Universe Vehicle Guide will help you to understand every detail about the vehicles, so read it till the end.


Dual Universe Vehicle Guide: How to craft

To craft a vehicle in Dual Universe, you will need to follow these steps:

Gather resources

The gathering of the required materials is the first step in crafting any item. Make sure you have the metals and alloys, electronics, motors, engines, and any other specialized components you’ll need to build your car.

Find a blueprint

In Dual Universe, every vehicle includes a blueprint that lists the materials and procedures needed to make it. The plans for various vehicles may be acquired from other players or NPC dealers, or they can be found in various areas across the game.

Build a workshop

You will want a workshop if you want to create a vehicle. By starting with a workshop module on a level surface, you can build a workshop of any size or shape by adding more modules as necessary. Players can make and modify their own items, such as ships, bases, and other structures, using the workshop feature. Using other building materials and components, players can use the workshop to design and produce their own plans. 

Players can build and deploy their inventions in the game environment using blueprints they have developed. Players can add different skins and decals to their creations in the workshop to change how they look. Sharing blueprints with other players in the game enables them to use the same ideas and build things. The workshop is a key component of Dual Universe since it lets players design and personalizes their own gaming environments and buildings.

Craft the vehicle

Your workshop can be used to make your vehicle once you have the blueprint and the necessary materials and tools. Once your vehicle has been crafted, you should test it out and make any necessary modifications and adjustments. Adding modules and components, or changing the appearance of your vehicle with skins or decals, can all be used to customize your vehicle.

By following these steps from our Dual Universe Vehicle guide, you should be able to craft a vehicle and get it ready for use.

Dual Universe Vehicle Guide: Types of vehicles 

There are many different types of vehicles in Dual Universe, each with its own unique capabilities and uses. Here are a few examples of the types of vehicles you can find in the game:

Boats and watercraft: Small boats and rafts, as well as bigger ships and submarines, are all examples of these vehicles, which are made specifically for traveling on water.

Ground vehicles: These include anything from regular cars and trucks to more specialized vehicles like tanks and construction equipment, all of which are intended for use on land.

Aircraft: Everything from small personal planes to substantial cargo planes and military aircraft fall under the category of vehicles that are intended for air transport.

Spacecraft: These are vehicles that are made for space travel, and they range in size from tiny shuttles and probes to enormous cargo ships and capital ships.

Specialized vehicles: In Dual Universe, there are also a tonne of specialty vehicles made for particular jobs like mining, building, and combat.

Ultimately, the types of vehicles available in Dual Universe will depend on the goals and needs of the player, as well as the resources and materials they have at their disposal.



Players who wish to explore and take advantage of the game’s vast and immersive world will find vehicles to be an integral part of the Dual Universe experience. Therefore, follow the Dual Universe Vehicle guide carefully so that you can understand everything in a better way.

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