In another adventure in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, you will face a parasite. This guide will tell you how to defeat the parasite.

The Parasite is a boss in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands who has infested the beanstalk that you created where Driftwood used to be. Now it is on your shoulders to clear everything and defeat the parasite. In the Walk the Stalk quest, which is a side quest, you will be with your fairy Punchfather. 

You will help him to defeat the evil that has infested the beanstalk. The boss fight will begin when you enter the arena. But how to defeat the parasite in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands? The answer lies in our guide. So without wasting any time, let’s see how to win this fight.

Fight gameplay with the parasite
Fight gameplay (YouTube)
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How to Defeat The Parasite

Before you can beat the Parasite boss, you must go through three phases. The boss will have a Ward activated throughout the first phase. This means that anything that provides electric damage will be the best tool for the job. This will quickly reduce the boss’ ward, allowing you to access the other two health bars.

First phase

The boss will be covered in the first phase and will resemble one of the Shroomancers you’ve faced. In the first phase, the parasite will cast a number of spells. Ink is the first spell that he will use on you. The parasite will link itself to you by a magical bond that will drain your ward/health continuously. Second, the boss will fire many electric balls at your ward, causing heavy damage. The last spell is a pain as he summons Shroomlet enemies into battle.

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Second phase

In this phase, using the fire damage will offer you an advantage. The bosses’ health bar will be quickly melted by fire. The boss will tumble to the ground and chase you throughout this phase. In addition to the melee attack, the other attacks will be the same as in the previous phase. The boss will also spawn skeletons during this phase. So keep in mind that you’ll have to face his skeletons as well.

the parasite in the second phase
Parasite in the second phase (YouTube)
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Third Phase

The boss’s top will fall off in the final phase, revealing the skeletal structure beneath. During this time, its health bar will appear to be grey. This indicates that using frost damage will give you an upper hand in the fight. Frost damage is the most effective against enemies with grey health bars, such as skeletons. 

The boss will use similar attacks as in the previous phase, but this time he will add poison to them and call for additional skeletons. Make sure you have AoE spells on hand to deal with the enormous number of skeletons that will appear during the battle.

Final phase appearance of the parasite
The Parasite’s third phase appearance (YouTube)

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