From Beginner to Battler: Learn the Secrets of How to Play Pokemon Cards Game

What’s a Pokemon Card game? What are the basic rules for Pokemon TCG? Find out everything about Pokemon.

Winning Pokemon Card games is more challenging than battles. In card games, trainers have to use the best Pokemon cards and strategies. The Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) is an all-time classic card-collectible game. The Pokemon card game has a plethora of rules and you can unleash your moves and abilities to defeat opponents.

Pokemon card game

Pokemon TCG has both standard and ranked battles. But before playing card games, trainers have to build their best decks using cards, energy and abilities. A Pokemon Card game deck has 60 cards and there are plenty of rules for building a deck. Here’s all about Pokemon Card game, rules and more.

How to Play With Pokemon Cards? – Pokemon TCG Rules


Pokemon TCG is a mind-boggling card game. Pokèmon TCG has a set of rules. The first task is to build a valid deck. The rules for creating decks in Pokemon card game are,

  • Use exactly 60 cards in a deck. Your deck needs 60 cards and it can’t be above 60 or below 60
  • Use at least 1 basic Pokemon in your deck as basic Pokemon always increases your chances of winning 
  • Use only Pokemon cards, trainers and energy balls you own
  • Use standard legal Pokemon cards as Expanded cards are not effective 

These are the basic rules for Pokemon Cards original game. You can start building a deck by picking Pokemon cards from the Card Library in. The Pokemon Card game has an in-game library shop and this allows trainers to spend Coins, Currency and Crystals in exchange for bundles, GX cards, battle pass, premium and expansions.

Tips to Win Pokemon Card Game Battles

Pokemon card game

Unlike regular Pokemon battle games, the rules for Pokemon card games are totally different. You can master Pokemon card games with these key tricks and strategies,

  • Utilize your Basic Pokemon in the first set of turns. Also, you can bench a couple of basic Pokemon at the start of a battle
  • Unleash Energy and Trainer cards at the right time. Energy balls can be used every turn and these power-up the stats for Pokemon cards and increases your odds of winning
  • You can attack opponents and retreat cards when your chances of winning battles are less
  • Use Pokemon cards from elements. Pokemon TCG card game has 11 elements and you can mix up your deck with energy cards from every element.
  • Use abilities and trainer cards before completing all your attacks. This is a key strategy to win Pokemon card games. You can end your turn before using all cards as well
  • After flipping the coin, one player will decide who will go first. If you win the coin toss, you can start the battle instead of allowing opponents to start.
  • You can create multiple decks in Pokemon Card games. If one deck doesn’t win, you can quickly import the other deck for battles

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon original cards, game rules and tips. Deploy these strategies and win the Pokemon card battle against your friends.


Which is the Best Poorn Card Game?

Pokemon TCG is an all-time classic card game. In this Pokemon card game, players can deploy cards, abilities, energy balls and trainer cards to beat opponents. You can build your deck, shuffle Pokemon cards from various franchises, unleash the best moves and win ranked battles.

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