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What is Pokemon TCG Pocket? Can you get free cards in the Pokemon TCG Pocket game? Find out everything about this new card game.

Ever since Pokemon launched, there have been a plethora of Pokemon games from different generations and locations. But when it comes to Pokemon card games, there are only a few games. TCG is an all-time classic and epic card-based Pokemon game where players can battle against friends and online players in ranked and custom battles. Pokemon TCG is also a strategy-based card battle game.

In Pokemon TCG, players have to use cards, energy balls and trainer cards to build their deck. A deck consists of 60 cards with standard, expanded and basic Pokemon from all Pokemon exclusive games. But players can’t trade cards in Pokemon TCG Live and this has been a major miss for all fans. But things are going to change as a new Pokemon card game is all set for its grand launch that also allows players to trade cards with friends. Here’s all about the new Pokemon TCG Pocket Game, free cards, rules, platforms and more.

Pokemon TCG Pocket Free Cards & More

The new Pokemon TCG game is titled as “Pokémon TCG Pocket” and it will be a fun card-battler. Pokemon TCG Pocket will retain the core features , content and gameplay elements from TCG Live. But there are new changes in this card game as well and this will increase the excitement for the game.


In Pokemon TCG Pocket, players can trade cards with their friends and stun their opponents with different abilities. Pokemon TCG Pocket will be a mind-blowing TCG experience that will also feature immersive cards from all Pokemon games. In Pokemon TCG Pocket, players can unlock two exclusive packs every day without any cost. With this new feature, you can trade unusued cards and get free cards as well.

Pokemon Trading Card Card Pocket will include digital cards featuring nostalgic artwork from Pokemon games of the past. There will also be brand new exclusive cards from the world of  Pokemon Trading Card Card Pocket. The best feature of Pokemon TCG Pocket is the daily free booster packs that will allow users to pick two packs containing cards from various Pokemon franchises.

Pokemon TCG Pocket Release Date & Platforms

Pokemon TCG Pocket app will be released in the first half of 2024. Android and iOS users can play this fun card game and collect lots of unique TCG cards. More details regarding the Pokemon TCG Pocket release date and features will be out in the coming weeks. As of now, there’s no confirmed release date for Pokemon Trading Card Game  Pocket. The game will be released for iOS and Android.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket release date, features and free cards. After Pokemon Legends Celebi, the TCG Pocket will be the next major release from the Pokemon franchise.


Is Pokemon TCG Pocket a Free-to-play Game?

Yes, Pokemon TCG Pocket will be a free-to-play game for Android and iOS. With new cards and features, this will be one of the best Pokemon card games in the future.

Is Pokemon TCG Pocket Releasing for PC?

No, Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket is only releasing for mobile and the game is not getting launched for PC. Unlike Pokemon TCG Live, the Pokemon TCG Pocket will only be launched for Android and iOS.

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