Pokemon TCG Mask of Change – Release Date, New Cards, Masks & More

What’s the Pokemon TCG Mask of Change launch date? Does Mask of Change feature Tera masks? Find out everything.

Pokemon TCG cards have always been in demand. The next TCG set featuring a Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet is coming to the stores soon. Pokemon TCG: Mask of Change featuring Ogerpon is first getting launched in Japan. Ogerpon features in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC,Teal Mask.

Fans who purchase the Mask of Change set will unlock Ogerpon and its masks along with other special cards and boosters cards. The TCG set is revealed as Japan’s SV6 set. The worldwide release date for the Mask of Change set is yet to be revealed. Here’s all about Pokemon TCG Mask of Change set, Tera Ogerpon, Masks and more.

Pokemon TCG Mask of Change – Everything You Need to Know

The Pokemon TCG Mask of Change set will be launched on April 26, 2024 in Japan. The same TCG set featuring Ogerpon will  be available for fans across the world in the second half of 2024. Ogerpon’s card will feature the Pokemon with its teal mask.

Pokemon TCG Mask of Change
Pokemon Card

The Mask of Change TCG set features more than 100 cards and it will be headed by Tera Ogerpon EX. Along with this set, the Twilight Masquerade TCG set will be available in stores from May 2024. Twilight Masquerade focuses on TCG cards of Twal Mast units including Ogerpon, Bloodmoon Ursaluna, and Sinistcha.

Pokemon TCG Mask of Change – New Cards 

Tera Ogerpon’s card will feature its iconic moves along with different variants of its masks. The TCG set also features other prominent Pokemon from all generations. Here are other powerful cards that help you form an incredible deck from the Mask of Change TCG set,

  • Clefairy – The Psychic Pokemon features as a Basic Pokemon with the Moon Kick skill. Clefairy’s only weakness is Metal
  • Fezandipiti – With high HP, this will be one of the powerful Psychic cards. Fezandipiti’s darkness energy prevents attacks. You can flip a coin and choose a powerful ability
  • Gurdurr – The fighting Pokemon evolves from Timburr. Gurdurr deals high damage with its knuckle punch move 
  • Tatsugiri – Tatsugiri is a dragon card with high HP. Its ability allows you to shuffle cards from the deck
  • Conkeldurr – This is a powerful card with insane hp. Conkeldurr evolves from Gurdurr and you can increase its damage with Energy.

Pokemon TCG Mask of Change – Worldwide Release Date 

As of now, there’s no update on when the Mask of Change TCG set will be available worldwide. As per leaks, Mask of Change worldwide launch date will only be revealed after its initial release in Japan. Going by the trend, TCG Mask of Change will be launched worldwide from June or July 2024.

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon TCG Mask of Change set, new cards and Tera Ogerpon. The price for this TCG will be out soon and it might join the list of most expensive TCG cards of all-time. Apart from the Mask of Change, the Temporal Forces will be the next big launch from TCG. 


What’s TCG Mask of Change?

Mask of Change is a TCG Japanese set featuring Gen 9 Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that also exclusively features Teal Mask DLC units.

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