Purchase the Pokemon Heavy Hitters Premium Collection at a Huge Discount

The Pokemon Heavy Hitters Premium collection is back at a massive discount. Find out everything about the TCG card set and items.

Pokemon fans have loved playing video games over the years. Apart from regular battle games, TCG has become popular over the years. There have been numerous Pokemon card games in the TCG universe. Pokemon cards have been selling like hot cakes on various websites. Sam’s club is a popular sale where Pokemon fans can purchase cards.

The Heavy Hitters Premium collection is back to the Sam’s club at a massive discount. The collection features foil cards for Lucario and Tyranitar along with other cards. The advantage of purchasing this collection is fans get lots of items and it’s now available for discount. Here’s all about Pokémon Heavy Hitters Premium Collection 2024 price, items and more.

Pokemon Heavy Hitters Premium Collection April 2024 Sale

Pokemon Heavy Hitters Premium collection
Lucario & Tyranitar

Pokemon fans can purchase the Heavy Hitters Premium collection from the Sam’s club website for $39.98. The card will feature Tyranitar and Lucario. The Heavy Hitters Premium collection is also available on other prominent websites, but the difference is Sam’s club provides a great deal and it will only be available for a short time. Here’s what you can purchase from the website,

Featured ItemsDetails 
Foil CardsLucario, Lucario V, Tyranitar, Tyranitar V, Oversize Lucario V Card
Booster Packs 14 TCG Booster Packs 
Metallic Coins 4 Large Metallic Coins
Code CardUsable in Pokemon TCG Online & Pokemon TCG Live 

The Pokemon Heavy Hitters premium collection for April 2024 is available at Sam’s Club featuring the regular items at a low price. Fans of Pokemon TCG can make use of this opportunity and avail the discount as well.

How Long Will the Sale be Available?

The Heavy Hitters premium collection sale for 2024 is back in Sam’s Club. It will be available only for a limited time as the deal will end soon. There’s no clarity on how long the Sam’s Club Heavy Hitters Premium discount sale will be available.

Is there any new card in the Heavy Hitters Premium Collection?

No, the Heavy Hitters Premium collection will feature the regular items and foil cards along with the coins. As of now, there are no new items available in the set. 

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Heavy Hitters premium collection items and price. You can purchase the poke ball bundles from the same website.


Can we Purchase Heavy Hitters Premium Collection from other Websites?

Yes, Pokemon Heavy Hitters Premium set cards can be purchased from other sites like eBay and Amazon as well. But the price will be different on each website.

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