Best Trick That Crushes Piers in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Is it hard to beat the Pokemon Sword and Sword Piers Gym challenge raid? What’s the best counter to beat Pokemon of Piers? Scroll down and find.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is an action role playing game. The game focuses on generation 8 Pokemon and their stories. Pokemon Sword and Shield has adventure elements. Here, you play as a trainer whose goal is to catch all types of Pokemon and complete gym raids. You can use PokeBalls to catch wild Pokemon.

Sword and Shield is primarily set in the Galar region. You can use moves, trade Pokemon and earn experience points by defeating targets in turn-based battles. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, a trainer can only become the best champion after beating all gym trainers and their Pokemon.

By defeating gym trainers, you can collect their badges and unlock new moves. Piers, the Gym Leader of Spikemuth Gym is also the boss of Team Yell. Piers has dark-type Pokemon and rewards trainers with a Dark Badge. But to get the Dark Badge, you have to overcome all 4 Pokemon of Piers. Here’s all about Pokemon Sword & Shield Piers challenge, counters and moves. 

Pokemon sword and Shield Piers Gym Raid Counters 

Piers Pokemon

Playing at level 40 or above is recommended to win the Spikemuth Gym challenge against Piers. Here are all Pokemon featured in the team of Piers,

  • Obstagoon – Dark 
  • Malamar – Dark & Psychic 
  • Scrafty – Dark & Fighting 
  • Skuntank – Dark & Poison

Counters to Beat Obstagoon

Obstagoon is weak against Fighting, Fairy and Bug. You can use Alcremie, 

Grimmsnarl, Hawlucha, Vespiquen and Butterfree. These Pokemon have monstrous skills and great records against the Obstagoon. Grimmsnarl has heavy attacks and it can stun targets with its hidden special skills.

Counters to Beat Malamar

Malamar is a powerful offensive unit that has powers of both Dark and Psychic. You can counter Malamar with units like Vikavolt, Durant, Hatterene and Galarian Rapidash. Malamar is strong in close-range and you can deploy these units in long-range to negate its attacks.

Counters to Beat Skuntank

Skuntank is only weak against Ground-type Pokemon. The best counters to beat skuntank are Flygon and Rhyperior. The hidden abilities of these Pokemon negate enemy’s attacks and increase your attacks. With these two units, you can demolish the Skuntank.

Counters to Beat Scrafty 

Scrafty is a lethal unit that possesses powers of Dark and Fighting elements. But you can defeat Scrafty with units like Galarian Weezing , Hitmonlee, Braviary and Noivern at their max levels. Scrafty challenge is more challenging in the gym raid against Piers.

You can win the gym raid against Piers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with these counters. Once you defeat all Pokemon, you can claim the Dark Badge from the gym leader.


Who can Play Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Pokemon Sword and Shield, the multiplayer adventure game is available for Nintendo Switch.

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