When is Pokemon Sleep Raikou arriving? Is Raikou a legendary Pokemon? Find out everything about the upcoming Pokemon and new update of Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon Sleep is an idle relaxation game. Players have to sleep and create records to unlock new sleeping styles. The Snorlax Pokemon is your hero and it can be fed with berries, sandwiches and desserts. Be it a short nap or a long sleep, you can record them overnight and listen to your snoring sounds. Also, the features in the Pokemon Sleep app let you listen to other environmental noises as well.

The goal is to raise Snorlax Pokemon and feeding berries is the best way to do this. As you complete small tasks, you will unlock many sleep styles in Pokemon Sleep. With more sleep styles, you can complete the Sleep Style Dex. With new patch updates, makers of Pokemon Sleep keep adding new sleep styles. Here’s all about the Pokemon Sleep update for March 2024 along with new features.

Pokemon Sleep Patch Update March 2024

Raikou Pokemon

Pokemon Sleep’s new patch update version is live. The content for March 2024 includes,

  • Raikou Research Event 2024
  • Pokemon can hold 999 berries as the max limit has been increased
  • Master Biscuits will be available 
  • An adjustment made and all Pokemon sleep styles will be shown based on the order of rarity after snack time

Pokemon Sleep Raikou Research Event

The main addition to Pokemon Sleep match 2024 update is the Raikou Research Event that also features the legendary Raikou Pokemon for the first time. Raikou Mane and Raikou Biscuits will be added as well. According to Professor Neroli, players will be able to conduct special research on Raikou’s sleep habits using Raikou Mane samples.

Raikou Mane Samples can be exchanged for Raikou Incense,Main Skill Seed, Thunder Stone and Raikou Biscuits through the event exchange tab to witness all sleep styles of the Raikou Pokemon. During the Raikou special research event, players can befriend Raikou with Raikou Biscuits and increase their friendship levels. Completing weekly missions is the best way to collect Raikou Mane samples.

Pokemon sleep update

Throughout the Raikou Research event, you can encounter electric-type Pokemon and Pokemon of other different styles as well. The Pokemon Sleep Raikou Research event will start from March 25, 2024 and will be live till April 11, 2024.

Keeping Raikou Incense near the Tent on the home screen boosts chances of meeting Raikou during your next sleep research. You can place the Raikou Incense item before the sleep track begins. Players can have only one incense in their bags. Raikou biscuits also increase friendship points by +6. These Raikou Biscuits will change into regular and master biscuits once the Raikou Research event ends.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Sleep new updates, events, features and adjustments. Check out these salad recipes and increase powers for Snorlax Pokemon.


Is Pokemon Sleep a Good Game?

Pokemon Sleep is a unique sleep-tracking app and this unique simulation game is available for Android and iOS. Pokemon Sleep is a single-player adventure game where players have to sleep, raise snorlax and create new records to unlock new sleeping styles.

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