What is the Hero Upgrade Pack in FIFA 22?

Another day has passed, and another FIFA 22 challenge awaits. The Hero Upgrade Pack in FIFA 22 brings you rare hero cards for your club.

What is the Hero Upgrade Pack in FIFA 22?

A new SBC for the FUT Heroes Upgrade pack has been launched for FIFA 22 players. Players can earn guaranteed hero cards for their clubs through the Hero Upgrade pack for the first time. FIFA 22 has delivered this type of SBC far sooner than normal, which means players can now acquire rare players such as icons more quickly. 

The FIFA 22 FUT Heroes aren’t as well-known as icons, but they are club heroes who are warmly remembered by fans, and their cards are both obtainable and powerful. Now that the FIFA 22 Hero Upgrade Pack SBC has come, we’ve figured out how to solve each of the tasks for the least amount of money.

FIFA 22 players

The game’s market is fluctuating this year, with cards such as David Ginola, Robbie Keane, and Antonio Di Natale up for grabs. It should be a delight for players to find out how they can get their hands on one of these packs with some attractive players.

When and how did the FIFA SBC feature first appear

FIFA SBC is a single-player mode in FIFA Ultimate Team. Players have additional opportunities to be creative while playing it, submitting squad-building tasks, and earning good prizes. In FIFA 17, Squad Building Challenges (SBC) were introduced. They’ve gained a lot of popularity since then. One of the goals of the SBCs game option is to allow players to complete challenges and gain prizes by using cards they don’t need or leave decaying in their clubs.

What are the SBCs in the Hero Upgrade Pack?

Ultimate Team in FIFA 22

FUT Hero Upgrade Pack squad requirements, cost, and rewards:

83-Rated Squad:

Overall Team: Minimum 83

Chemistry: Minimum 60

Players featured on the Week’s Team: 1

Reward: A Small Electrum Player Pack

Cost: 19.95k for PS, 19.85 for XBOX

You’ll need to create an 83-rated squad with a TOTW player for the first of your Hero Upgrade SBCs.

FIFA 22 gameplay
FIFA 22 Gameplay

85-Rated Squad:

Overall Team: Minimum 85

Chemistry: Minimum 55

Players featured on the Week’s Team: 1

Reward: A Small Prime Electrum Pack

Cost: 97.35k for PS, 107.3k for XBOX

The second of your Hero Upgrade SBCs is substantially more expensive, requiring you to assemble a respectable 85-rated squad that includes a TOTW player. However, if you stick to the bare minimums, you may save a lot of money by sprinkling in a bunch of 84-rated players instead of a slightly more expensive TOTW player.

86-Rated Squad:

Overall Team: Minimum 86

Chemistry: Minimum 40

Reward: A Small Gold Pack

Cost: 97.35k for PS, 107.3k for XBOX

You’ll need to create a beastly 86 Rated squad as the last mission for the Hero Upgrade Pack, however, you may avoid the TOTW players this time.

You will receive a FUT Hero Upgrade Pack in the ‘My Packs’ area of the Store as a reward.

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Best Guns in Halo Infinite Multiplayer 2021

Knowing what to expect from the best guns in Halo Infinite multiplayer will give you an advantage in battle and help you stay alive for longer.

Fans can jump into Halo Infinite’s newest competitive mode with the launch of multiplayer. No matter how experienced you are with Halo, you’re likely to stumble a bit when you first try Infinite. Many elements have been modified, and new additions have been made–not the least of which are the guns in Halo Infinite. Many of these weapons are new versions of familiar ones, such as assault rifles and battle rifles. 

However, other weapons are either brand new or have had their ranges and functionality altered. You can get killed by someone with more experience if you try to figure out how your new guns work in the middle of a match.

We’ve put up a comprehensive guide to all of the best guns in Halo Infinite Multiplayer to help you understand how they operate and how you should attempt to utilize them. Whether up close and personal or at extended ranges. You may also try each pistol out for yourself in the Academy part of the main menu. It’ll almost certainly save your life.

What are the Best Guns in Halo Infinite Multiplayer?

1. MA40 AR

MA40 AR Halo Infinite
MA40 AR (Image Credit: 343 Industries)

The original assault rifle from Halo is also your default weapon and the weaponry you’re most likely to use. It’s a simple assault rifle that’s excellent at close and medium ranges, slamming a lot of bullets on a target rapidly but spraying about a lot. 

Anything beyond mid-range renders the MA40 worthless, but in close quarters, it’s a formidable cannon for ripping away an enemy shield and finishing the job. As an opener or closer to a battle, combine the MA40 with a grenade explosion and aim to strike your enemy with as much of a magazine as possible. If you don’t stop firing and keep the rifle on the enemy, you’ll discover that it can efficiently rip through Spartans.

2. S7 Sniper

S7 Sniper Halo Infinite
S7 Sniper (Image Credit: 343 Industires)

The sniper is a legendary Halo weapon that has remained at the top of the game for centuries. The sniper, as one of the original power weapons, is always worth pursuing. However, the new version of Infinite may be difficult to adjust to. Aiming with the sniper is a little more difficult than in previous entries. No matter where the shot hits, it will inflict a little over 1,000 damage unless it hits the head. With two shots to the body or one shot to the head, the S7 Sniper will drop enemy Spartans.

Nonetheless, it’s never an awful gun to have, especially if it means keeping it away from your opponent. It’s critical for securing regions and one-tapping opponents. You may even try a cheeky no-scope if you’re skillful enough.

3. Pulse Carbine

Pulse Carbine Best gun halo infinite
Pulse Carbine

Halo Infinite features a new version of the Covenant plasma rifle, which has historically been favored by Covenant Elites. With the carbine, you can run longer ranges with greater precision and handle it without overheating, without the gun overheating in your hand. It can fire three rounds at once that track targets and drop shields, making it ideal for pairing with a straight weapon like the BR75 or Sidekick pistol.

4. Skewer

Skewer in halo infinite
Skewer (Image Credit: 343 Industries)

Skewers can be used in a similar way to S7 Snipers, but there is a twist to them. No matter where you strike your opponent with the Skewer, it is a one-shot kill. In other words, they’ll be taken out even if you shoot them in the toe.

Despite this, the Skewer has less ammo than a sniper and is harder to aim. This doesn’t mean it’s not a great weapon. Almost impossible to defeat in the hands of a skilled player, the Skewer is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. This is even more destructive in Big Team Battle, as it can destroy a vehicle in as little as one or two shots. It is worth keeping an eye out for.

5. M41 SPNKR

m41 spnkr best guns in Halo infinite
M41 SPNKR (Image credit: 343 Industries)

The rocket launcher in Halo Infinite Multiplayer stands out from the rest of the game’s potent weaponry. The M41 SPNKR Rocket Launcher has returned, bringing with it a great deal of mayhem and destruction. The rocket launcher is both highly effective and incredibly frustrating because it requires very little skill to gain kills.

The splash damage has the potential to cover a broad area, which may be both advantageous and disadvantageous. Even if the rocket does not make a direct strike, enemies can be hit, but if you aren’t careful, you can easily kill yourself. The Rocket Launcher may be discovered at various weapons spawns, although they have a 30-second timer before they can be used. The M41 SPNKR Rocket Launcher is without a doubt the greatest weapon in Halo Infinite, with two rockets in a clip and a large amount of damage it can deal.

There are also some other best guns in Halo Infinite Multiplayer, such as the Hydra, the Ravager, the Cindershot, the Stalker Rifle, and the CQS48 Bulldog. Check out all the above guns and see which one suits your style of play best.

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Blue Archive Crafting Guide — Everything you should know

Get to know how to create an Exp Report, Skill Materials, Gifts, and Furniture. An extensive Blue Archive Crafting Guide is provided below.

Blue Archive is a popular role-playing game in which you play a nice teacher who solves mysteries and defeats the city’s bad people. The famous gacha game has gone global, and many new players are eager to figure out how to make resources and level up faster. Crafting is the lifeblood of Blue Archive, thus learning how to craft is important before progressing further in the game.

In this game, you play a teacher at a school who has been transported from another world and is recruiting pupils to help solve numerous mysteries in your city and combat evil characters. Crafting is a critical component of the game. Everything you need to know about crafting is right here.

In Blue Archive, being a good sensei entails more than just slaying bad guys, solving mysteries, and selecting the hottest pupils to assist you. You’ll also need to make furnishings for your students to make them more comfortable, give them presents to keep them happy and collect growth resources to help them level up.

Where To Find The Crafting Feature In The Blue Archive?

Some features in this game will be unavailable until you have completed crucial plot portions. After completing Chapter 3.2, you will be able to begin crafting.

Blue Archive Crafting Guide: Priority

It’s a good idea to check your daily tasks when crafting in Blue Archive since there will frequently be one to manufacture a certain item. You may earn extra keystone fragments by completing daily objectives, allowing you to undertake even more crafting.

Aside from that, we recommend concentrating on making café furniture first, since this raises your comfort level and offers you more AP (strength), among other advantages. To improve your relationship values, focus on making gifts for your pupils when they are feeling good and cozy. Your numbers improve as your relationship values rise.

Blue Archive Crafting Guide: Time

Blue Archive Crafting Guide
Blue Archive Gameplay

According to its quality, each item takes a different amount of time to craft.

30 minutes for Tier One item (basic)

The second tier (intermediate) is an hour and 30 minutes long

Three hours for items from Tier 3 (advanced)

Six hours for Tier Four (Superlative) items

The crafting process can also be sped up by using tickets. The best way to gather them is to do missions, so don’t be afraid to grab as many as you can.

Blue Archive Crafting Guide: Crafting Nodes

In Blue Archive, there are many sorts of crafting nodes that allow you to make various objects of variable quality. Furniture, student presents, and growth materials that help your characters level up are among these products.

  • Primary Crafting Node

The primary node lets you select the type of product you wish to make. One keystone piece or ten keystone pieces can be used to make the main node. After that, you may either establish a primary release or a secondary release by adding an extra five keystones or 50 keystone pieces.

After you’ve inserted your keystone, you’ll be able to pick between five distinct sorts of sub-nodes, which will affect the things you can make. If none of your selected sub-nodes appear, you can cancel or re-roll.

  • Secondary Crafting Node

The secondary node allows you to filter the sub-node categories, making it simpler to find what you’re looking for. If you’re making furniture in the primary node, for example, you may utilize the secondary node to select whether you want to construct walls, chairs, tables, floors, and more.

You can opt to start production on a node or make it a secondary node when you pick it. To make a secondary node, you’ll need to add more materials and decide whether you want to make a primary or secondary release. The resources you’ll require are determined by your primary node, and the experience you’ll get from them is determined by their tier.

  • Golden Crafting Node

Golden nodes are earned by putting five keystones or 50 keystone pieces in the primary node and doubling the number of things in the secondary node. 

While the proven high rarity may appear appealing, you can’t be sure you’ll get something good, and you might wind up with growth materials, which are rather simple to obtain through other means. It also consumes a lot of vital resources, so try your luck with other nodes instead.

Benefits of crafting

Blue Archive Gameplay
Blue Archive Crafting Guide

When you go to the crafting area, you’ll notice that there are three places for crafting spaces. You only have three hours every day, so pick wisely. This may be used for a variety of things, including presents and excursion reports. Before starting any assignment, be sure to check the daily missions because there is nearly always a daily mission to manufacture a certain item.

Keystones are the bare minimum for crafting. You only need one to perform the actual craft, but the more you use, the rarer the item created becomes. On the screen adjacent to the keystone screen, you’ll see a circle with a blue line around it. You will fill up the yellow line inside the blue circle line more and more as you use keystones. Five are necessary to fill it up completely.

What Are The Best Ways To Get Key Stones For Crafting?

Because keystones aren’t as common as other objects, it’s important to keep them as safe as possible. You may earn them by participating in PvP, performing daily missions, and completing a set amount of hard-difficulty missions each week. Another method to obtain them is through the gacha’s pity system’s point conversions. 

When a rare character is on the pickup call, you’ll gain points every time you try to summon them, and after you reach a specific number of points, you can merely use the points to unlock the character. If you don’t earn enough points or don’t utilize them, the points you earn will be transformed into keystones when the pickup period has ended.

crafting guide gameplay blue archive
Blue Archive Gameplay

1. Reinforcement Material for Beginners

2. Reinforcement Material of Intermediate Level

3. Reinforcement Material of a High Level

4. Furniture for Cafes

5. Student Gifts

6. Growth Substance (Report)

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Shroud says “Not really enjoying Halo Infinite”

Shroud has revealed that he won’t be playing Halo Infinite Multiplayer right now. Find out why right here.

When Halo Infinite was released suddenly ahead of time the entire gaming world went into a frenzy. Soon all gamers and streamers started doing live streams and reviews of the much awaited multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite and in this cohort of streamers was the famous twitch streamer Michael Grzeseik a.k.a Shroud. And let’s say his 1st impression was a bit bland as compared to what his fans expected.

Shroud Halo Infinite Livestream

On November 16th Shroud was playing several games on live stream and one of the most requested games from his fans was the newly released “Halo Infinite” multiplayer mode. The first impressions he had of this game weren’t exactly what the viewers expected. “It’s about what I expected, to be honest” were his words on his experience of this highly awaited RPG game. 

During the entire duration of playing Halo infinite shroud had to face multiple glitches. Although it was expected of him to have such a reaction considering his past experiences with Halo franchise. In one of his previous live streams he stated that the franchise was becoming a bit outdated and Halo Infinite multiplayer beta may not be up to the expectations of the players and he might just be right. 

halo journey till now
Halo through the ages

During the stream of Halo Infinite he pointed out all the good and the bad things about the game such as praising the graphics and the unexpectedly found shield modes as well as the armed vehicles and armour trucks that the allies and the enemies where using during “capture the flag” but he also criticized the game by stating how the special looking guns never do anything special, in many occasions during the live stream the viewers could see him acquire some special looking guns and trying to figure out how they work but unfortunately it seemed that he was better off playing with normal guns. He called these “awful” and moved on. There were many features in the game which he couldn’t figure out while playing such as the “over shield” and he also complained how some of the features were quite outdated and how people don’t want those features anymore. He complained how every shot matters and not just the last one. 

shroud halo infinite multiplayer
Shroud playing Halo Infne Multiplayer

Although he did not enjoy playing the game he did point out that it is free to play on both pc and Xbox which is pretty cool. He also stated that even though he won’t be playing Halo Infinite multiplayer any time soon he is very excited to try out the new Halo Infinite campaign which will be released in December. He expects some custom maps and more new features in the full version of Halo Infinite Campaign. 

Although now many gamers and streamers have criticized 343 Industries for this early release with several glitches and unsatisfactory experience, the players are still hopeful that the Campaign version would be much better and up to the standards that was expected by the eager gamers. 

Halo Infinite will be launched on December 8 for both PC and Xbox series X|S.    

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How to download Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta on PC and Xbox for free

Players can download Halo Infinite Multiplayer for free right now! Find out how to get the game for free on Xbox and PC.

During the Xbox 20th Anniversary stream, Xbox announced that the Multiplayer part of Halo Infinite, which has already been revealed as a “free-to-play” feature, is officially live. Xbox also revealed some more details about the Halo Infinite campaigns.  Here’s the complete guide on how to get the beta access and hop on to the Halo Infinite Multiplayer servers for both the platforms PC & Xbox.

Download the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta on Xbox

If you’re using an Xbox One S/ Xbox One X & Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X, the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta will be completely free-to-play. You don’t need an additional Xbox Game Pass/Xbox Live Gold or Pre-order the Game.

Halo infinite xbox
Halo Infinite Multiplayer free on Xbox Game Store

Steps to Download for Xbox Users 

  • Hit the Y button on your controller > Open the search box > Type in “Halo Infinite
  • You’ll see two options: 1: Halo Infinite Campaign and 2. Halo Infinite — Ignore the Campaign and go ahead with Halo Infinite, and you’ll be directed to the store page, and you’ll be good to go.

Download the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta on Steam/PC for Free

The same goes for PC users, you don’t have to pre-order the title to avail the Multiplayer. However, on Steam you’ll see that it shows “Campaign unavailable until 8th December” that’s when the title officially goes live, but the Multiplayer beta remains accessible for all.

halo infinite steam
Halo Infinite Multiplayer free on Steam

Steps to Download for PC Users 

  • Launch Steam Client > Search for “Halo Infinite” (You’ll find it in the trending/new section as well)
  • Scroll down on the Halo Infinite page where there’s “Halo Infinite : Free-to-play” is listed
  • Click on the green play button, and you’re all set to customize your Spartan and Upgrade your weapons while you fight with your squad.

There’s a lot more to know about the Halo Infinite Multiplayer, like the cross-play and cross-progression feature that allows users to play against/with all the platforms, while it also saves your campaign progression through various platforms.

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Seven Knights 2 active codes and how to redeem them

Find out all the active codes and how to redeem them in our Seven Knights 2 Guide for active codes and rewards in the game.

Seven Knights 2 takes you through an immense RPG experience on your smartphone with some great level of detailing with an exciting story-line and attractive characters and gear to collect.  You’ll most likely need a few coins/tokens in order to avail a few character perks, that’s where we come in with the Seven Knights 2 redeemable code that will help you summon free equipment to accommodate your characters with.

Seven Knights 2 Active Codes

  • 110SEVENKNIGHTSS2 — Five summon tickets (Common Coupon)

Tickets will help you level up your character faster and fight through some of the most difficult events in the game with ease. These freebies from Net Marble are more like a surprise gift from the developer.  If you’re just starting out with Seven Knights 2, then this coupon will help you boost your progress whether that be Serial or Common mode.

seven knights 2 coupon codes
Seven Knights 2 Coupon Codes

Steps to Redeem the Seven Knights 2 Active Codes

  1. Launch Seven Knights 2
  2. Enter the options menu
  3. Open the account tab
  4. Copy your ‘Account Code’
  5. Tap ‘Use Coupons’
  6. Select whether you want to enter a Common Coupon or Serial Coupon
  7. Type or paste your coupon code and ‘Account Code’ into the box
  8. Hit ‘Redeem’
  9. Your items will be visible in-game

This method is only applicable for Android users, iOS users have to go through these websites for “Serial Coupon” and “Common Coupon” and type in their coupon once they’ve logged in to their account.

seven knights 2 active codes
Connect Account Options in Seven Knights 2

Seven Knights 2: Thank You Event

Netmarble brings out more amazing rewards starting off from today until the next 7 days.  For the next 7 days you’ll be getting gifts/rewards every time you sign in with your ID, this event is already live and will be ended right after 7 days.

Seven Knights 2 special event
Seven Knights 2 – 7 Days of Giving Back event

Seven Knights 2 the recently released RPG from Netmarble Corp., is an official sequel to Seven Knights that was released back in 2015, The story is also a continuation of the last chapter. With Seven Knights 2, Netmarble has kept the original characters intact while also getting some newer refreshed characters into the title. The developers here have released a few promo codes that should help you redeem some items for free and help you progress the story line with ease.  Usually the developer publishes these codes during special occasions like game anniversaries, special events, etc. Stay tuned for more updates and coupons for the Seven Knights 2 & various other titles for all platforms.

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Free Cars and Loyalty Rewards in Forza Horizon 5

You will have to work hard for some of the cool cars in Forza Horizon 5, but here is a list of all the Free Cars and Loyalty rewards for you.

While there’s a vast collection of cars available, some of them cost millions of credits at the Autoshow. However, there are a few Forza Horizon 5 cars that can be easily accessed and added to your collection to get started off with.This guide will help you with claiming your free car and loyalty rewards in Forza Horizon 5. Forza Horizon 5 from Playground Games launched on 9th November, with early access that went live a few days preceding the release. Forza Horizon 5 is also available via the Xbox Game Pass for both Xbox and PC Users.

Free Cars in Forza Horizon 5

  1. Launch Forza Horizon 5 on your Xbox or PC
  2. Begin your career
  3. Play a few races until you level up
  4. After a certain point, “Loyalty Reward Bonus” will pop up on your screen.
  5. Go to “My Cars” section and your rewards will be sitting there waiting for you to try.

The steps are fairly simple, but hang-on if you want to know more about what’s included in these Loyalty Rewards.

Forza Horizon 5 free cars
Cars in Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 Loyalty Rewards

  • 2013 Dodge SRT Viper GTS (played Forza Horizon 1)
  • 2014 Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 (played Forza Horizon 2)
  • 2016 Lamborghini Centernario LP 770-4 (played Forza Horizon 3)
  • 2018 McClaren Senna (played Forza Horizon 4)
  • 2013 McClaren P1 (played Forza Motorsport 5)
  • 2017 Ford GT (played Forza Motorsport 6)
  • 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS (played Forza Motorsport 7)

The catch here is that, you must have played the above titles before installing and playing Forza Horizon 5. None of these rewards will be available if you start Forza Horizon 5 with the above titles untouched. With the newest edition of Forza Horizon 5, Playground Games introduced a Mexico map that takes users from dusty deserts to sunny beaches with tons of new cars and accessories to go with it. This title from Playground games is already said to be one of the best Microsoft exclusives so far.
Just to make sure, that you are playing Forza Horizon 5 with the same gamertag as your previous entries and in addition to that, make sure you complete the first chapter from the story as the rewards won’t be available before that.

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