Shroud says “Not really enjoying Halo Infinite”

Shroud has revealed that he won’t be playing Halo Infinite Multiplayer right now. Find out why right here.

When Halo Infinite was released suddenly ahead of time the entire gaming world went into a frenzy. Soon all gamers and streamers started doing live streams and reviews of the much awaited multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite and in this cohort of streamers was the famous twitch streamer Michael Grzeseik a.k.a Shroud. And let’s say his 1st impression was a bit bland as compared to what his fans expected.

Shroud Halo Infinite Livestream

On November 16th Shroud was playing several games on live stream and one of the most requested games from his fans was the newly released “Halo Infinite” multiplayer mode. The first impressions he had of this game weren’t exactly what the viewers expected. “It’s about what I expected, to be honest” were his words on his experience of this highly awaited RPG game. 

During the entire duration of playing Halo infinite shroud had to face multiple glitches. Although it was expected of him to have such a reaction considering his past experiences with Halo franchise. In one of his previous live streams he stated that the franchise was becoming a bit outdated and Halo Infinite multiplayer beta may not be up to the expectations of the players and he might just be right. 

halo journey till now
Halo through the ages

During the stream of Halo Infinite he pointed out all the good and the bad things about the game such as praising the graphics and the unexpectedly found shield modes as well as the armed vehicles and armour trucks that the allies and the enemies where using during “capture the flag” but he also criticized the game by stating how the special looking guns never do anything special, in many occasions during the live stream the viewers could see him acquire some special looking guns and trying to figure out how they work but unfortunately it seemed that he was better off playing with normal guns. He called these “awful” and moved on. There were many features in the game which he couldn’t figure out while playing such as the “over shield” and he also complained how some of the features were quite outdated and how people don’t want those features anymore. He complained how every shot matters and not just the last one. 

shroud halo infinite multiplayer
Shroud playing Halo Infne Multiplayer

Although he did not enjoy playing the game he did point out that it is free to play on both pc and Xbox which is pretty cool. He also stated that even though he won’t be playing Halo Infinite multiplayer any time soon he is very excited to try out the new Halo Infinite campaign which will be released in December. He expects some custom maps and more new features in the full version of Halo Infinite Campaign. 

Although now many gamers and streamers have criticized 343 Industries for this early release with several glitches and unsatisfactory experience, the players are still hopeful that the Campaign version would be much better and up to the standards that was expected by the eager gamers. 

Halo Infinite will be launched on December 8 for both PC and Xbox series X|S.    

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