Another day has passed, and another FIFA 22 challenge awaits. The Hero Upgrade Pack in FIFA 22 brings you rare hero cards for your club.

What is the Hero Upgrade Pack in FIFA 22?

A new SBC for the FUT Heroes Upgrade pack has been launched for FIFA 22 players. Players can earn guaranteed hero cards for their clubs through the Hero Upgrade pack for the first time. FIFA 22 has delivered this type of SBC far sooner than normal, which means players can now acquire rare players such as icons more quickly. 

The FIFA 22 FUT Heroes aren’t as well-known as icons, but they are club heroes who are warmly remembered by fans, and their cards are both obtainable and powerful. Now that the FIFA 22 Hero Upgrade Pack SBC has come, we’ve figured out how to solve each of the tasks for the least amount of money.

FIFA 22 players

The game’s market is fluctuating this year, with cards such as David Ginola, Robbie Keane, and Antonio Di Natale up for grabs. It should be a delight for players to find out how they can get their hands on one of these packs with some attractive players.

When and how did the FIFA SBC feature first appear

FIFA SBC is a single-player mode in FIFA Ultimate Team. Players have additional opportunities to be creative while playing it, submitting squad-building tasks, and earning good prizes. In FIFA 17, Squad Building Challenges (SBC) were introduced. They’ve gained a lot of popularity since then. One of the goals of the SBCs game option is to allow players to complete challenges and gain prizes by using cards they don’t need or leave decaying in their clubs.

What are the SBCs in the Hero Upgrade Pack?

Ultimate Team in FIFA 22

FUT Hero Upgrade Pack squad requirements, cost, and rewards:

83-Rated Squad:

Overall Team: Minimum 83

Chemistry: Minimum 60

Players featured on the Week’s Team: 1

Reward: A Small Electrum Player Pack

Cost: 19.95k for PS, 19.85 for XBOX

You’ll need to create an 83-rated squad with a TOTW player for the first of your Hero Upgrade SBCs.

FIFA 22 gameplay
FIFA 22 Gameplay

85-Rated Squad:

Overall Team: Minimum 85

Chemistry: Minimum 55

Players featured on the Week’s Team: 1

Reward: A Small Prime Electrum Pack

Cost: 97.35k for PS, 107.3k for XBOX

The second of your Hero Upgrade SBCs is substantially more expensive, requiring you to assemble a respectable 85-rated squad that includes a TOTW player. However, if you stick to the bare minimums, you may save a lot of money by sprinkling in a bunch of 84-rated players instead of a slightly more expensive TOTW player.

86-Rated Squad:

Overall Team: Minimum 86

Chemistry: Minimum 40

Reward: A Small Gold Pack

Cost: 97.35k for PS, 107.3k for XBOX

You’ll need to create a beastly 86 Rated squad as the last mission for the Hero Upgrade Pack, however, you may avoid the TOTW players this time.

You will receive a FUT Hero Upgrade Pack in the ‘My Packs’ area of the Store as a reward.

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